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Tips to consume local products and take care of your economy

25 mayo, 2021

Consuming local produce It is not only a passing fad: it is the grain of sand that you can contribute to improve the economy of your town and help small producers.

We are not telling you not to buy in the supermarkets, there are products such as cleaning, beauty and health, that surely you can only find in a supermarket or some packaged product that you like a lot and that you want to buy in a supermarket, such as pasta, cereals or processed foods.

However, there are many products that you can find much cheaper and fresher in local markets. These are just some tips so that you can help local consumption and at the same time your pocket.

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Tips for buying local products, very good for your pocket!

Find your favorite place

Here you have several options, you can go to the grocery store, poultry shop, cream shop, greengrocer or butcher shop that is near your home or find out when is the weekly local market in your municipality or delegation.

Almost all towns have a day when they close a couple of streets and put up a temporary market.

They are supplied in supply centers, which have the fresh product and do not go through so many intermediaries.

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Be careful with the quantities of local products that you are going to buy

I made the mistake of buying my food at the municipal supply center, due to its proximity to home, however, at the supply centers they only sell you by full kilos and you waste a lot of food.

Buy only what you need. There are little stores or recauderías where you can get to ask for 15 pesos of cheese, 100 grams of meat … do not buy more.

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Organize according to your routine

If you have time, the ideal is that you buy and cook daily, so you can have a fresh and varied menu every day.

Are you in a hurry? Shop and cook on weekends to store portions in the refrigerator for the entire week.

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To choose local products, ask

It is worth asking the manager of the premises which melon is the one that is already at its point, which meat is the one that is best with what you want to prepare, which vegetables are in season And why not, if they recommend a recipe. They are the experts and will know how to guide you.

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Take advantage of the seasons and the typical local products of your region

It would be a crime if you live in Guanajuato not to eat strawberries or if you are from Michoacán, do not eat avocado.

What is harvested, cultivated or produced on your land, will always be of better quality and price. Research its uses, seasons and recipes so that you can become an expert in your region.

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