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Tips to buy meat and dairy products and save money

26 mayo, 2021

One of our day-to-day concerns is knowing how to spend less on food. Today we share these tips for buying meat and dairy. These tips will help you take care of your spending when you go to the market or the ‘super’.

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Buy smart and save: tips for buying meat and dairy

Buy meat and dairy

Save yourself a little money by following these tips to buy meat and dairy. (Photo: Getty Images)

  • Buy natural yogurt and not flavored ones: this yogurt is cheaper and also healthy! Later, you can add fresh fruit, nuts, honey or jam. It will taste delicious.
  • Cottage cheese is low in calories, fat, and price! It is also high in nutrients; therefore, include it more often in vegetable and fruit salads. It is also an excellent substitute for cheese or different toppings, so it goes very well on sandwiches.
  • Calculate the purchase of meats by portions, not by weight: this way you will avoid buying too much and you will avoid waste.
  • He prefers cheap cuts: like brisket or shank (they go a long way), or ground beef, which is multifaceted. Limit steaks and tenderloin for special occasions.
  • Get a complete meal with ribs or chops accompanied with rice, salad or potatoes.
  • Buy the whole chicken: use the giblets to enrich the soup and cook the rest to your liking.
  • Consider it: the bigger the bird, the more meat it will have, so you will win!
  • Remember: it is very important that you carry the calculated and exact budget so as not to overspend on this and your other purchases.
  • Tip of pilón: legumes yield a lot and are cheap, ideal to combine them with different proteins and that they yield a lot. Lentils, for example, are delicious with sausages, perfect for making a delicious stew.

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