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Tips for transplanting from one pot to another easily

24 mayo, 2021

If you are a plant lover, this interests you: it always happens that, when a plant no longer fits in its flowerpot, it is time to change it to another. If it is the first time that you are going to do it, it is normal that it scares you, because it could mistreat itself and stop growing.

Do not worry! We know that there is always a first time for everything, and transplanting can be very simple and safe if you follow the right advice. We share them below.

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When does my plant need a pot change?

There are two ways to tell if a plant needs a new pot:

  • Very carefully stop your plant and turn it over. If the soil is too compressed (that is, it does not move with the movement) it means that the roots are too tight and it is time to change it.
  • Another way to tell is when the roots are out of control and are coming out everywhere, even from the surface of the earth.
  • If these situations above do not occur, it means that your plant is comfortable in its pot and there is no need to change it, unless you want to put it in a new and / or more beautiful pot.
how to transplant from one pot to another

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Tips for transplanting safely

Loosen the earth

If the current pot is plastic, what you can do is cut it with scissors or a knife. If you can’t because the plastic is too hard, you can loosen the soil by compressing the pot with your fingers and test how loosely the plant is pulling from the lower part of the trunk (never from the top, or from the leaves).

On the other hand, if the pot from which you are going to extract is made of clay or another non-soft material, you can carefully run a knife along the edge and moisten the soil a little. Turn it over carefully, tapping the bottom. When you see that the soil is loosening, gently pull the log.

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Prepare the pot

The new pot should not be too large, as it will require more water. Once you have it, place a plastic bag with holes in the bottom inside the pot (this will help it retain moisture).

Put some soil in the bottom (a third or fourth part) together with the compost that you use for your plants and stir it with the soil.

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Place the plant

With the soil with which you extracted it from the previous pot, place the plant right in the middle of the new one and, around it, place more soil until it is full.

It is very important that the pot is well filled, due to soil wear. The plant must be firm and straight to have a good balance and grow without problems.

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