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Tips for preparing the best shake

24 mayo, 2021

A milk shake It is ideal for breakfast, as it is a very functional recipe when we want to eat well but do not have much time.

For this reason, it is very important that our shake, in addition to being delicious, is very nutritious and also easy to prepare. Follow these tips that we share to make your shakes super delicious, healthy, and even fun!

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The ideal shake: tips to prepare it very easy and healthy

To get started…

Everything has an order so that it is perfect, even the milkshakes! Do not put the fruits first in the blender: the liquids are poured before and the solids last. This way they mix perfectly without leaving large residues in the glass.

Milkshake beauty mix

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One touch to pamper yourself

Make your own liquid dessert and give yourself permission to drink an original flavored shake. Throw a piece of your favorite chocolate or cookie into the blender to find bits of it in your drink as you consume it.

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No more sugar!

Fruits already contain natural sugars, so don’t add more. If you do, you will interfere with its healthy function and make it a not highly recommended dessert. If you need to sweeten, use honey or brown sugar.

Energizing Shake Recipe

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Give your milkshake a healthy plus

If you want to prepare the original shake, but with a healthier touch, replace the ice cream with light yogurt of the same flavor.

Remember: shakes are an excellent option to receive nutrients that will help your body during the day. But be careful! This does not mean that they substitute for breakfast. Remember that this food is very important for you to feel good and your body to work properly.

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