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Tips for making skewers: a quick and practical meal

26 mayo, 2021

Do you want to make a fast and practical food? Skewers are an ideal way to eat your favorite foods in a varied and very easy way, and they are perfect to solve in a few minutes the dilemma of what to do to have a tasty and healthy meal.

If you thought that they could only be prepared on barbecue, you are wrong! These are perfect to enjoy any day at home.

But before preparing them, we invite you to know these tips so that they are sensational.

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How to make skewers: a quick and practical meal

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A little bit you crave some delicious skewers? They are a quick and practical meal to prepare. You just have to put a little creativity on them.

  • For protein, you only need to cut small pieces of meat. These can be from fish, meat, shellfish, or chicken.
  • If you prefer vegetarian skewers, you can try one or different types of cheeses.
  • Or, you can use the ‘little bits’ of this and what is in your refrigerator (cold meats, cheeses, vegetables …).
  • Assemble them in advance, after the cooking time is easy and fast (grilled).
  • Be careful: do not grill the food before skewering it, because it will crumble.
  • The metal rods and bamboo sticks are the most common instruments to string the ingredients, however, you can change them for fresh sprigs of rosemary and thus, in addition to giving them another presentation and the skewers will be perfumed.
  • If you don’t have the sticks or rosemary, but you recently had some delicious sushi, recycle the wooden toothpicks and use them for your skewers.
  • The best skewers are the ones that mix different foods. If you want to include more vegetables in your diet but you like meat, you can put two pieces of vegetables for each one of meat.
  • If you don’t have time to prepare a sauce, just use spices before grilling to give them flavor and a very special touch. We recommend Italian spices.

Are they very easy? Try this way to eat delicious, in a varied and balanced way.

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