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Tips for making a super delicious homemade vinaigrette

24 mayo, 2021

A vinaigrette can improve everything! So do not hesitate to use one to dress your salad.

And if what you want is a more homemade flavor, we share the most useful tips for you to prepare your own vinaigrette at home. Take note and get to work!

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Make the perfect vinaigrette

The amount of oil and vinegar to make a good vinaigrette is usually three parts oil to one part vinegar, salt and pepper.

This is the basic recipe, however, so that it is not always the same, look for options for the ingredients and create your combinations:

  • Use apple cider vinegar, sherry, wine, raspberry, etc. (just take a look at the wide variety in supermarkets).
  • Use a different type of vegetable oil each time (sunflower, olive, soy…).
  • Add a sprig of any fragrant herb: rosemary, chives, tarragon, or parsley.
  • Includes garlic, whole or crushed.
  • By experimenting, the time will come when you find that “special touch” you are looking for, with which you can personalize your salads.
tips for making vinaigrettes

We give you the best tips to make your favorite vinaigrettes. (Photo: Getty Images

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The most popular vinaigrettes

A vinaigrette can enhance the flavor of a salad, but it depends on your taste to dress it. Here we leave you the most famous so you can prepare your favorite option:

  • Italian: made with fine herbs, white vinegar, and olive oil. If you like a light flavor, this is your ideal option.
  • With fruits: it is prepared with vinegar and oil. You can add fruits like strawberry, orange, raspberry, and more. Ideal for you to use in salads with red proteins.
  • César: It was created in Tijuana by chef Cardini. It goes very well with lettuce, croutons and parmesan. If you make a Caesar salad, you already know which vinaigrette to use.
  • With pesto: its ingredients are olive oil, basil, pine nut, garlic and Parmesan. It is a perfect option for salads that go with pasta.

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