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Tips for cooking beef like a pro

28 mayo, 2021

Cooking beef It can be quite a dilemma at first, especially if we are not experts in the field. But with these simple tricks, you will see that it is easier than you imagine. You will see that it will be spectacular!

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To seal or not to seal the meat?

The fad for cuts of meat can lead to a stomach infection. When you grill, try to serve the meat well cooked and not medium.

By not fully cooking the meat, you allow the bacteria in it (if any) to survive and pass into your stomach when you eat it.

roast meats

How to seal the meat?

It is better not to put the lid on the container while you fry a piece of meat, this ensures that the piece is more tender and juicier. Ah! And don’t let it brown too much; later, when you bake it, you can let it brown.

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Preserves the flavor of smoked meat

Take care of the flavor of the smoked meat before offering it. Remember that, in contact with the air, the aroma and the taste sensation change quickly.

Do not cut large pieces until the moment of serving and, when you go to do it, put a little olive oil on top to “seal” its peculiar flavor.

Get super juicy roast beef

To let the juices run through the meat, let it rest for 5 to 10 minutes before serving. Cut into small cuts so diners can handle them easily.

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Get a perfect roast

When cooking meat on the grill or on the grill, consider these points:

If the cut is thick, it means that it contains a significant amount of juice, which increases when you put it on the fire, so we recommend that as soon as liquid begins to flow on the surface of the meat, turn it over and, at that moment, lower the fire so that its cooking is uniform; After a few minutes, turn it over again until the desired doneness is achieved.

On the contrary, as in the steaks and thin cuts the juice is less, it is not necessary to turn them as many times since the cooking time is shorter.

And to handle the meat always use tweezers, never a sharp instrument because when mincing it, more juice will come out than necessary and, consequently, the cut will be dry.


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