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Tips for a spectacular picnic

25 mayo, 2021

There are times when we seek to get out of the routine in different ways, break paradigms and have a totally different time of fun than usual, or we simply want to have some intimate moment with those special people in our life and a picnic can achieve this and more.

In addition to being an intimate moment capable of bonding, a picnic allows you to discover and reconnect with those small, but wonderful things that you have with you every day and that you don’t really pay attention to, such as nature, the outdoors, the light. natural of the day or even family, friends or partner.

Regardless of the reason, at least once a month we should carry out this activity; If you are in the field, beach, swimming pool, river, park, mountain or if you want to do it for breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner, this activity fits everything.

For those who have no idea how to have a picnic, but really want to do it, or those who always fail because they never forget anything basic, these simple tips for having a picnic are for you, as well forget about worries and enjoy this great moment with your loved ones from beginning to end.

What to bring for a picnic?

  • Basic food: You do not want to show off or look splendid for a picnic, appearances here do not matter, but have a good time, so forget about locking yourself in the kitchen for many hours and save yourself time and money preparing easy and simple sandwiches, baguettes, cakes, ciabatta, salads, etc .; rest assured that everyone will love them.
  • Bring a plate of cheeses and cold meats to nibble on.
  • Fruit: These will be the best dessert for after the meal, look at the fruits that are in season according to the date on which you make your picnic and you will see that everyone will love them.
  • Water: Bring enough water to stay hydrated, since the heat exhausts us too easily, preferably carry carafes, remember that it is better than missing and avoid disposable items.
  • If your picnic will be romantic, we suggest you bring individual bottles of cider or wine, it will be easier and more practical.

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  • Your plan is to prepare your food right there, do not forget to bring a good pair of knives, you will need them to cut what you need, such as bread, fruit, cheese, etc.
  • Bring antibacterial gel to clean your hands before grabbing any food and eating, also enough napkins to remove the residue from the gel and, obviously, to clean you when you need it while you eat your food.
  • Forget completely about disposables, take care of the environment and use reusable plates, glasses and cutlery.
  • Your clothes should give you 100% comfort, whether it be for the games that they come to make or the long walks they take, even to be able to sit at ease when you need it.
  • IMPORTANT! Trash bags are a must.
  • It is preferable to transport your food in a basket that allows you to store everything without fear of being crushed, if you do not have one, the coolers will get you out of trouble in addition to keeping your food and drinks fresh.
  • Don’t forget the ice as this will help you keep your food fresh.
  • A little frying is not bad to accompany the day, so some delicious fries would not be bad for this day.

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Lunch time

  • The perfect place to have your picnic will always be the one that is close to a source of drinking water or a river, everything will depend on the place where you make your picnic, this to be able to cool off from time to time.
  • Find a good shade to eat, either under a tree or you can take your umbrella
  • Blanket: the blanket to place on the grass is 100% essential, since it will not only prevent you from dirtying your clothes, if that worries you, but your food will not be exposed to the earth or the bugs that are out there and can contaminate your food.

Recipes that you could prepare for your picnic

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