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23 mayo, 2021

The baked rib It is such a simple and inexpensive dish that it is perfect for those days when we do not feel like cooking. Only a good dressing and a while in the oven come to us to turn that piece of meat into an exquisite snack for which you have to roll up your sleeves and enjoy.

This time I have chosen one Iberian pork rib, with a greater amount of fat, which makes it juicier, if possible, to this meat with bone, but if you do not want to consume so much fat regularly, you can change it for a leaner white pork.

We will start by crushing the garlic in a mortar or if we want it very often in a blade blender, adding the paprika, oregano and pepper. We add the oil and mix everything well. We paint the pork ribs with the marinade on all their faces and the we leave for two hours in the fridge well covered.

We preheat the oven with heat up and down to 190 degrees. We place the meat in a refractory dish and we salt it. We bake for half an hour, add the white wine and continue baking another half hour or until we see the meat already separates from the bone easily.

Coll Oven Ribs

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With what to accompany the baked rib

Is baked rib It is so tasty that it will almost make you forget the one prepared on the barbecue. Accompany it with a green salad and a cold beer and enjoy summer meals.

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