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They are not that beneficial, much less are they miraculous

22 mayo, 2021

Today, seeds are very popular foods and have even risen to fame very easily, but there is one of them in particular that is being praised perhaps too much. It’s about the chia seed, considered today as a true magic product when, in reality, They are neither so beneficial nor much less miraculous.

Chia seeds: benefits yes, but not miracles

Chia seed, like others seeds that we find in the market, it can offer valuable nutrients to our organism, which are responsible for its benefits. However, those benefits are overrated and this food is treated as a miracle product that it really is not.

While chia seed is a good source of fiber, vegetable proteins Y good fats, as well as minerals and vitamins that our body needs, this food cannot by itself make us lose weight as shown in a study, nor can it increase the size of our muscles or reduce the cholesterol in our body.

Nor does it have the power to eradicate cancer from our body or to eliminate the fat that we accumulate in it, because as we have said, its intake has benefits, but does not work miracles.


The cons of chia seed

Just as we recognize that chia, and other seeds, have good nutrients and their intake can have benefits, we must also be critical of each food and discover not only its pros, but also its cons.

That is why it is important to know that, although the large amount of fiber that chia has can have benefits, it can also harm us if we consume it in excess, because It can cause gastrointestinal discomfort, such as bloating and bloating, to a reduction in the absorption of calcium, iron and other minerals that our body needs.

We must also know that, being a seed poor in water, chia concentrates good nutrients, but also it is concentrated in caloriesTherefore, if we consume 100 grams of this seed, we will be adding approximately 500 Kcal to the diet.

Another factor to consider is that chia seed is a good source of compounds that function anticoagulant by nature, so you must have a lot of caution if drugs are ingested with the same effect, since the risk of bleeding or hemorrhage would increase.

Lastly, like all seeds that are partially digested, are not advisable in people with diverticulosis, as they can produce inflammation in the affected areas and lead to an upper intestinal problem.


Food, neither good nor bad

As you can see, chia has great properties, but Not all that glitters is gold, so there will not be a dose-benefit relationship. That is, not because we consume large amounts of chia will save our health and achieve a perfect body condition, but, as we always say, no food in excess is good.

Apply once again the general rule that there are no good or bad foods. but there are foods with healthy properties or not, and with advantages and disadvantages. Chia, like other seeds, can be beneficial, but not to consume in large quantities, much less miraculous.

Any food with good properties, consumed in moderation and within the framework of a balanced diet can benefit us notably, but if we intend to lose weight, gain muscle or reduce cholesterol only by eating chia seeds, we will never achieve great results, because as we pointed out in the headline, It is not so beneficial, much less miraculous.

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