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These innovative utensils will be your new allies in the kitchen

25 mayo, 2021

Pamper your family by preparing delicious dishes that are good for your health. Too easy!

We are sure that one of your main concerns when cooking is to make sure that the food, in addition to being delicious, is healthy, nutritious and balanced for you and your whole family. But this is often complicated by an ingredient that you probably use a lot and that is unfortunately necessary … or not?

Oil is one of the most used products when cooking, whether it is for frying, flavoring food or simply so that food does not stick during its preparation. But in the end, those droplets or tablespoons you add add up to calories and, although some of these like olive, coconut or sunflower seem to be more natural, nothing guarantees that they are totally free of harmful compounds for health.

So how can you stop using it? The key is to choose your cooking utensils well. Yes, as you read it, innovation has reached the kitchen and currently we can find a wide range of products that help reduce the amount of carbohydrates, salt and chemicals in the food we eat.

Check out this compilation with the latest from T-fal: its new line of pans “Healthy Kitchen” that has the latest technology to cook with less fat and more flavor.

1. Zero oil

The new ‘T-fal Healthy Kitchen’ range is perfect for preparing all kinds of food. It is also of intense use and resistant to metal utensils.

tfal-pans-for-healthy-cooking - add - 1-cf

2. All the flavor

T-fal’s “Healthy Cooking” range is made to preserve natural flavors and nutrients thanks to the fact that it has mineral particles in its non-stick.

tfal-pans-for-healthy-cooking - add - 2-cf

3. More vitamins

One of the novelties of this range is that thanks to its non-stick technology, more than 30% of the vitamins and nutrients in food are preserved.

tfal-pans-for-healthy-cooking - add - cf

Gone are the days of using hundreds of napkins to drain oil; now you can cook healthy and stop worrying about fat in food; better enjoy the pleasure of cooking with that creativity and seasoning that your loved ones love so much.

What do you think of these proposals?