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These are the taquitos that will be the protagonists in Las Crónicas del Taco

24 mayo, 2021

Netflix surprises us with a delicious and irresistible proposal for all Mexican palates: The Taco Chronicles The season opens and it is the series that will touch our emotions, feelings and, of course, our whims.

And the protagonists will be the most beloved and delicious tacos in Mexico. We invite you to know the details of the series and the studs that will appear on the screen.

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The taquitos you will meet in Las Crónicas del Taco

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What you should know about Las Crónicas del Taco

Netflix offers us a new menu in this second season. Of course, as irresistible and delicious as the first.

“If the taco were a religion, the taquería would be the church.” And it is that, it does not matter the origin and with whom you eat them: “tacos are like that friend that everyone likes.

In this series you will not only know part of the gastronomic offer of Mexican tacos, you will also discover its history, characters and places where tacos have been, are and will be the protagonists of the flavor of each town.

And the premiere could not come at a better time: expect to enjoy this series on September 15.

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