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The Ultimate Guide to Making Roasted Peppers

22 mayo, 2021

The pepper is a wild vegetable that we use in many ways in the kitchen. There are many different varieties, including the smallest and most spicy, although the so-called red bell pepper reigns over the others. We are in full season and it is the best time to Make some movie roasted peppers.

The quality of packaged roasted peppers leaves much to be desired in terms of texture and flavor. That is why it is worth filling your shopping basket with a large load of peppers to roast at home and use them in many different dishes. To finish encouraging you, below we share our ultimate guide to making roasted peppers and recipes in which to take advantage of them.

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What peppers to roast?


Large red peppers are usually sweeter, meatier, and juicier

The answer is simple: anyone we like. All peppers can be roasted, it just depends on our preferences, what the market offers at all times or how we want to use them later. It is essential, yes, choose good quality specimens, if possible without damage and at its perfect point of maturity.

In the case of not having a very clear idea, I bet on the classic, the large red bell pepper, meaty and beautiful. I especially like those of large caliber and dark red color, almost black, they have a great flavor that is intensified by roasting, sweet and balanced.


Remember that red peppers were initially green, but when they mature increases the level of sugars and the color also intensifies; The same is true for yellows, which turn orange.

We can also combine different colors (yellow, red, orange, green) that will give our dishes a lot of color. We could roast different types at the same time, but it is more recommended use peppers of the same size, since otherwise the little ones would grill much faster, with the risk of burning us.

Previous preparation


They can be roasted whole or open and without seeds. The first step will always be wash and dry the peppers well, checking that they do not have damaged parts, and cut part of the stem if it is very large or if it has attached leaves. It is also preferable to leave them at room temperature and not roast them directly from the fridge.

To roast them open you have to open them with a vertical cut to leave each pepper and cut the top stem with the large kernel of seeds. Finally the remains of seeds and filaments are removed. I personally do not like this second method because I have the impression that they come out less tasty.

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How to roast peppers at home: three different methods

There is no single valid method for roasting peppers; You can choose the one that best suits your needs and is within the possibilities of the home. The important is get that “scorched” exterior responsible for the delicious taste of roasted peppers.

In the oven


My favorite method, easy and practical. I usually take the opportunity to bake several things at the same time when I turn it on, and you will already know that my oven does not take vacations or in full heat wave.

  1. Preheat the oven to 200ºC.

  2. Lightly grease a large tray or platter with oil.

  3. Place the peppers on top without crowding them too much. Sprinkle with a little more extra virgin olive oil and massage so that they blend well.

  4. Roast at medium height for about 25-35 minutes, turning with tongs halfway through cooking.

  5. The final point depends on taste, I like them more done, more tender. The skin should be blackened in places.

  6. They can also be grilled using the grill, if it is powerful. In this case, it is advisable to place the peppers on the highest level of the oven, but ensuring that there is enough space so that they do not scorch too quickly, leaving the inside half cooked.

About the kitchen flame

Roasted peppers over fire

It is an invalid method for induction or glass ceramic cooking, but if you have gas fires you can roast peppers directly over the flame. It is practical especially in summer because it avoids turning on the oven, ideal for roasting a few units.

  1. Cover the surroundings of the fire with aluminum foil to protect it from splashes, or use a special “grill” for these purposes.
  2. Place one pepper at a time directly on the fire.
  3. Grill on medium power for about 25-30 minutes, turning every so often to grill evenly on all sides.

To the barbecue or grill


In season of cookouts we can take advantage of the barbecue or grill; with good coals we will get some especially irresistible roasted peppers.

  1. Place the peppers on the barbecue grill over the flames.
  2. Make sure that the power of the flames is medium and does not directly burn the peppers.
  3. Turn from time to time with suitable tongs to roast them evenly.
  4. Remove after 20-25 minutes, when the skin is very black.

How to peel peppers easily: the power of steam

Roasted peppers

By letting the freshly roasted peppers sweat, we will peel them more easily

Once roasted to our liking, we must be patient and let the peppers rest in a steam bath. We will use the heat of the freshly roasted vegetables to “sweat” and facilitate the process of removing the skin. There are several methods:

  • Cover the oven tray with aluminum foil or plastic wrap, ensuring that they are well covered without ventilation holes.
  • Place the peppers in a food-safe bag, for example, freezer, with airtight seal.
  • Place the peppers on a large plate and cover with a large bowl or bowl.

We will wait, at the very least, 20 minutes. Once uncovered, we may have to wait a little longer in case they are still too hot.


Now the task is more cumbersome, not difficult. You have to get used to the idea that we are going to get a little messy, maybe I am interested in wearing gloves suitable for food use. What you never have to do is wash them under the tap, we will be pouring much of the flavor and juiciness down the drain.

  1. Open each pepper by making a longitudinal vertical cut.
  2. Carefully remove the stem and seed core.
  3. Also remove the remains of loose seeds and cut the filaments with a flush knife.
  4. Turn over and peel. The skin should come off easily, peeling off smoothly.
  5. Discard seeds, stems, skins and filaments, but conserve the juices.
  6. Cut the peppers as needed.
Roasted peppers

Depending on how we are going to use the peppers, we will cut them in one way or another. The usual and most practical is to do it in long strips, not too thin, to appreciate its rich meat well. If we are not clear about the use, it is best to leave large pieces.

If we are going to consume them in the short term, it is enough to pack them in an airtight container with their clean juices, in the fridge. In the event that more than two days are going to pass, it is preferable to cover them with good quality extra virgin olive oil. And if we want to preserve them in the long term, we can consider vacuum packaging or homemade preserves.

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How to use roasted peppers in the kitchen: ideas and recipes

Roasted peppers in salad

Few things are as simple and delicious as a quick dinner based on roasted peppers, cheese and good bread. If we add a good canned fish -anchoas, bonito-, salted or smoked, it will almost be a banquet.

Practically any seasonal salad You will earn a lot of points by adding roasted peppers; They combine wonderfully with all kinds of lettuce and crunchy green leaves, also with tomatoes, onion, olives or hard-boiled egg. And, I insist, with any cheese.

More ideas? Tostas, tostadas and canapés -they make a great pair with avocado and ham-, filled with hot or cold sandwiches and sandwiches, pasta sauces, pizzas, savory cakes, omelets, meat and fish garnishes, vegetable salads, hummus, ratatouille , curries, couscous, stews and sautéed legumes, vegetable creams … The possibilities are almost endlesss.

Peppers on Toast

And so that you do not lack inspiration, we finish this guide with some of our best recipes To get the most out of home roasted peppers:

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