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The three main breakfasts served in international hotels

24 mayo, 2021

If you leave vacation to a foreign destination and you stay somewhere hotel you will probably realize that there are some international similarities in terms of breakfasts proposed.

To respond to a varied international demand, many hotel chains – if not all of them-, he has very well established the types of breakfasts proposed generally. There is always the possibility of opting for an à la carte breakfast although this is not always the case.

Here are the three main breakfasts that are proposed in the vast majority of international hotels And that you will surely find the next time you stay in an international hotel.

Continental breakfast

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Continental breakfast

This is the quintessential breakfast in the most European countries where the first food of the day is not considered the most important. Usually the “continental” is made up of toasted bread with jam and butter, some pieces of pastries and coffee or tea. Lately, sausages, cheeses and cereals have also been added. It can be said that the continental breakfast is gradually adapting to the evolution of food consumption habits in several European countries.

American breakfast

American breakfast (or English)

This breakfast has several names although it is generally known by American breakfast or English breakfast depending on where we are from. It is enough more consistent than continental version and finds its origins in the traditional breakfast menu served in the Britain. With colonization, this breakfast was imposed in countries such as the USA, Canada and Australia among others. Over the years it has become a benchmark for large hotel chains.

Its basic elements are prepared eggs, the sausages and others sausages and mashed potato, cereals, fruit juices Y coffee among others. These basic elements have been added local produce with the purpose of adapting more to the tastes of the consumers of each country. In tourist destinations it is, without a doubt, the type of breakfast most consumed along with the buffet.

Buffet Breakfast

The international buffet

Another of the versions of breakfasts proposed in the hotel chains it is the buffet. This is characterized by offering the guest a large quantity of delicacies in self service in exchange for a fixed amount. In general, the buffet covers almost everything you can imagine in terms of “traditional” breakfast dishes such as eggs, fruits, cereals, breads and pastries, among others.

To finish I will make a special mention to the brunch that has gained a lot of strength in recent years and that consists of a super breakfast between buffet and lunch. The success of brunch, beyond the phenomenon of fashion, is the fact that it offers the diner dishes that are more elaborate and more refined than a “classic” breakfast.

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