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The Taco Chronicles II: know the details of this delicious series

24 mayo, 2021

Netflix reawakens our cravings with its content menu, and this time with something that will be irresistible to your palate: yes, we are talking about the second season of The Taco Chronicles, which will have its premiere on the platform on September 15, 2020.

Do you want to know the details? Easy Kitchen interviewed Director Santiago Fábregas and the producers, Hallie Davison and Pablo Cruz, who told us all about this new production that will make your palate water.

And is that, who says no to a taco (even salt)? In short, if there is a dish that deserves a tribute, this is the taquito in all its shapes, colors and flavors.

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The Taco Chronicles: what you need to know about the second season

Pablo, Hallie and Santiago

Pablo, Hallie and Santiago. Interview with the producers and director of Las Crónicas del Taco II (Photo: Las Crónicas del Taco)

How did you choose the taquerías when there are so many in Mexico?

Hallie: it is an impossible challenge. There are thousands of taquerías in Mexico and thousands of good tacos. But we, what we were looking for were several things: the first, delicious tacos; two, diversity, be inclusive and create a portrait of Mexico that reflects its people, also that they are controversial and also avant-garde.

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Do you consider that the taco is a street food or does that conception no longer exist?

Santiago: Perhaps the origin of the taco is street or perhaps the most popular way to eat it is on the street, but in reality, nowadays, you get to see tacos in the most sophisticated restaurants in Mexico City.

I think that the experience of eating tacos is something you can experience anywhere. It is a very easy dish to make and share.

cochinita tacos

(Photo: The Taco Chronicles)

Can it be considered that behind each type of taco there is a ritual?

Santiago: it is just one of the most interesting points of this second season: diversity. You can have a taco like cochinita, which is an ancient, long, methodical and artisan preparation, and there are other simpler tacos, although with several hours of preparation, and which is still a ritual.

Hallie: that’s why we appreciate them so much. That’s why I’m not going to make cochinita tacos at home, or barbecue, those tacos are very elaborate. That is why I am so grateful to come to a restaurant like Manjar Blanco. They have invested so much time and resources in bringing me that delicacy.

Paul: Beyond making the tacos, which I consider to be a ritual to prepare them, I think how you eat them is also a ritual. Each of us has a personal ritual of how to take it to eat it, how much sauce you put on it and even how many drops of lemon.

And this ritual changes depending on what type of taco it is, how and when you eat it. The ritual is everywhere.

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After all this experience in the taquerías, and with each of your characters, what do you think is the secret of a good taquero?

Santiago: It has to do with many things in life: the love and passion that you put into your work. If you don’t like what you do, it is very difficult to make it look good on you. The passion with which people prepare their tacos shows in the taste.

(Photo: The Taco Chronicles)

There is a possible conception that the taquero trade belongs to a man’s world. In fact, there is a fairly strong sexual connotation in one of the chapters. What can you tell us about the participation of women in taquerías?

Hallie: It is something that we discussed since the first season of Las Crónicas del Taco, and definitely, for this one as well. There is a certain conception that this sphere of studs belongs to men.

But we have seen that it is not true. For example, the fish tacos, almost all of them are women who prepare them. It depends on the traditions of the place and even the schedule: if it is a morning taco or a night taco, if it requires a lot of work with the knife.

There are many factors. In reality, the world of taqueros and taqueras is very diverse.

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Besides the tortilla, what is the main ingredient to say “this is a taco”?

Paul: in short, the omelette.

Santiago: I would tell you the sauce. But the reality is that a lot of people eat them without sauce, which I don’t understand, but they love it. The sauce is not a rule, actually. Perhaps the only required ingredient for a taco is an omelette, as Pablo says.

Hallie: the heat. “A cold taco is like a day without sun.” And as we mentioned earlier, “there are no rules in the taco world, but there are rituals.”

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What else will you find in the new season?

Santiago and Hallie

(Photo: The Taco Chronicles)

Las Crónicas del Taco also offers you a tour of the beautiful lands of Mexico and also abroad (yes, our tacos have broken borders in ways you cannot imagine).

With this new installment you will not only awaken the best sensations in your palate, you will also get to know Mexico and its people, its customs, stories and even albures.

If you are a lover of tacos, you already know how to celebrate this national month and entertain all your senses.

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