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the recipe that brings out all the flavor of this vegetable

25 mayo, 2021

Make some green beans that are green, tasty and creamy It may seem like a very simple task and it really is not a dish that has much difficulty. However, getting them to be a really delicious dish deserves a little explanation so that, -as it has happened with me-, change your perception about this cheap and traditional dish that you can serve as a starter, use it for a light dinner or serve as garnish, instead of chips or other garnishes much more caloric.

To start, we clean the green beans by cutting the tips or ends. We cook the green beans for exactly five minutes in salted water and as soon as that time passes, the cool in ice water to cut cooking and fix well that green color of chlorophyll, which we will like much more than the usual khaki or brown color that they usually have.

Once cooked and with that magnificent color, instead of cutting them into two or three transverse portions as usual, we are going to cut the beans lengthwise to get some very very fine beans or narrow ones that will be cooked / heated in a very short time in the second phase that I am going to tell you about now.

In a frying pan, we mix a glob of butter with half a tablespoon of flour and make a clarito roux. Next, we are adding a little of the water from the cooking of the beans until obtaining a Very light cream, in which we heat the strips of green beans that will be napando or covered with that cream. And that’s it, they are ready to serve and surprise everyone with their color, their texture -something al dente- and their flavor enhanced by that velouté or bechamel from the broth of the beans themselves.

Green Beans Step By Step