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The process of the meat that reaches our table

25 mayo, 2021

Surely you have ever wondered what is the process that is followed, until the moment in which the meat is on the butcher’s counter. We too, and we have already solved some of our doubts. We will always appreciate more information, for now, we will show you briefly the process of the meat that reaches our table.

In the first phase of the chain, there are veterinarians, who certify that the animals are free of any disease and are suitable for our consumption. This is an important measure that guarantees that we, the consumers, will not have any kind of problem when consuming this meat.

In Spain there are about 600 slaughterhouses in which the animals are sacrificed through the desensitization process, this process provides the animal with the least possible suffering, even the advance of these animals is through watertight compartments, in this way, no they see what happens in their environment.

Then the meat is bled, in this way an optimal quality of it is achieved. This is the part that we like the least, it turns out that for it to be an effective bleeding, the animal’s heart must keep pumping, which indicates that the animal is alive while bleeding. What are we going to say, because no matter how much they desensitize the animal, it is a death that lasts longer than it seems and perhaps another system for bleeding should be found.

After the meat is cut, this operation is called slaughter and it will be a different cut depending on the animal, be it a calf, a pig, a cow, etc. First the hooves and head are cut off, then it is hung by the hind limbs and the digestive system is emptied.


The viscera are extracted in two parts, the first is the one we have mentioned above and the second is the one that is responsible for extracting the upper organs of the animal such as the heart and lungs, making a cut at the level of the sternum.

It only remains to divide the animal into two parts through a longitudinal cut and take these to the labeling and weighing section, then these parts go to a refrigeration chamber.

The next process is to start turning that half animal into the pieces of meat that will be taken to the butcher shop, outlining each piece and making it, let’s say, pleasing to the eye. It is a reality that we must know, it is possible that someone may dislike knowing the system, but that is, more information about the meat products we consume.

In the link there is extensive information about everything that is related to the meat process before it reaches our table.

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