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The perfect mixed sandwich or bikini. Easy, simple and delicious cooking recipe

23 mayo, 2021

The grilled ham and cheese sandwich, mixed sandwich, also known as bikini in Catalonia, is one of the most popular and easiest to make sandwiches or sandwiches. Today we tell you the Seven Rules You Must Follow To Make The Perfect Mixed Sandwich.

Paying a little attention to technique of its preparation, using good quality ingredients and doing it with care, you will see how your mixed sandwiches improve at home, when you apply these keys.

The ingredients

There are four ingredients that we will use to make a mixed sandwich. Sliced ​​bread, butter, cooked ham or York ham and cheese. It is important to choose quality products and not use packaged cold cuts or save a few cents by buying cheaper ones because the result will be very different.

a) Sliced ​​bread

Sandwich bread

The ideal sliced ​​bread would be homemade sliced ​​bread, but if we choose an industrial sliced ​​bread, we have many options. Personally, I prefer to use the ones that are shaped like baked bread, before the square loaves.

With bark or no bark?


It is a matter of taste, and we always have the option of trimming the crusts of the sandwich once prepared, but since we are looking for a crunchy and juicy topping, My recommendation is that you always use crust bread for these hot preparations, leaving the bread crustless for cold sandwiches, tea snacks and the like.

b) Butter


To get a nice and juicy toast, we have to spread the slices of bread with butter. Try to use a good butter or if you can with homemade butter. For a good distribution and also to reduce the quantity, it is preferable to keep the butter at room temperature for about 20 minutes before making the sandwiches.

Spread Mixed Sandwich Butter

So we can spread the slices well without affecting their shape and we can also put a minimum amount on each side. Yes, it is convenient to butter the bread both on its outer side, which will come into contact with the iron, as on the inside face of the mixed sandwich.

c) Cheese to melt

It is important to use cheeses that melt well such as gouda, emmental, havarti or gruyère, and avoid the small slices of cheese mix wrapped in plastic that have little cheese, however well they are founded. In a mixed sandwich, these sabanitas practically disappear and become a liquid that can cause burns without providing the delicious melting threads of the varieties of cheese that I have recommended.

Mixed Sanwich Cheese

My recomendation is put cheese on both sides of the bread. Thus we will have formed a sandwich of butter, bread, butter, cheese, ham, more ham, cheese, butter, bread and butter. In this way, the cheese will surround the ham both on the top and on the bottom, in a perfect proportion.

d) Cooked ham

York ham

Along with cheese, it is the main ingredient in this sandwich, so it is important that you buy a good cooked or York ham, the best you can afford. Do not use cold cuts of ham or any other meat preparation but real cooked ham.

With ham

When buying it, ask the butcher to cut it very fine. It is preferable to put three or four very thin slices than a thick one, which will not provide advantages and will make it coarser. By placing the ham, you can form waves with the different slices to add volume to the sandwich and make it appear more loaded. The result will be a juicier sandwich.

Cut the bread into finger-thick slices, keeping the crust. We spread both sides of the two slices with the softened butter, spreading it generously over the entire surface.

Assemble the inside of the sandwich by first placing a slice of cheese without rind, and on top the fine ham forming waves to provide texture. Place the other slice of cheese on the ham and close with the second slice of bread.

We heat a non-stick griddle or ribbed carmela with grill marks, at very low temperature, and place the sandwich, pressing gently to toast and melt the cheese. If a sandwich maker is used, we will set the thermostat to the minimum.

We keep the power soft and turn the bread with the spatula to brown it on the other side and finish melting the cheese. We serve immediately, cutting the sandwich in half, diagonally if it is square.

The technique for making the sandwich

1) Where to make the sandwich?

We can use a Electric sandwich maker, griddle, or skillet. If we use the sandwich maker, there are many that give good results, although in my opinion you have to use it with the thermostat set to the minimum so that before the bread is toasted too much, the cheese has time to melt inside.

Carmela O Sarten

If we choose to use a griddle, skillet, or carmela or ribbed skillet we must cook the sandwich in a very slow cooker. We will use the carmela or grill if we want to obtain sandwiches with the characteristic scratch, although this kitchen utensil does not leave the sandwiches evenly toasted.


For me, the best results are produced using the griddle, with the heat set to a minimum, allowing time for the bread to toast evenly and for the ingredients to cook. slowly until you get the perfect mixed sandwich.

2) The temperature


If we do the sandwich very slowly, with very low heat, while the bread is toasted we will melt the cheese closest to the plate. When you turn the sandwich to toast the other side, the other slice of cheese will melt as well, heating the ham well on both sides.

If we use a very high fire, our sandwiches will be made earlier but we will see the sandwich burned more inside and yet it will be less cooked inside.

With what to accompany the mixed sandwich

You can serve the sandwich accompanied by chips -Remember how to make them perfect- or with a little salad, but in general, it is enough to serve the mixed sandwich, without further garnish.

Finished Mixed Sandwich

It is tradition to serve the sandwich cut in half, -diagonally, if they are loaves of square molds- so that the diner can see the cut with abundant ham and so that when squeezing it with their hands, they can observe how the melted cheese comes out.

If you want to give a more elegant touch, you can wrap the sandwich halves in paper napkins to make them more comfortable to eat. The mixed sandwich can be eaten with a knife and fork, but in my opinion, it is much more enjoyable. eating it with your hands.

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Variations on the mixed sandwich

1366 2000

Although the classic mixed sandwich is the most effective, easy to make and the most liked, it is also you can prepare the mixed sandwich with some variations, adding a grilled egg on the bread and covering it with another bread with a circular hole to reveal the yolk, adding lettuce and tomato salad as in the case of the famous Club sandwich.

Also you can play with the ingredients changing the type of bread, introducing bacon, turkey or using other varieties of cheese such as blue cheese, mozzarella, cream cheese, or even changing it completely as in the sandwich in the photo that has slices of homemade bread, bacon, pear and gorgonzola cheese .

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