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The paloduz, palodú or licorice

25 mayo, 2021

Who has not stopped, as a child, at the nearest kiosk or candy store of the school to buy palodul? We always chose the longest and always made real efforts to break it in half and share it with someone. Back walking, unhurried, home sucking the sweet stick it was nothing strange. It was fun to see that the glass of milk for the snack tasted very different after the liquorice.

Very few times I have seen a plant that has so many names like paloduz, it is also called handle, alcacuz, alcarzuz, alcazul, alfendol, bena, chocolate del moro, erregaliz, fendoces, findoz, fustdolz, honeyed, orojué, ororuz, licorice, licorice, paliduz, palulú, palo dulce, palo-luz, palodul, palodulce, licorice , regalisty, licorice, licorice and rogalicia, and I am left with the conviction that some other name has escaped me.

It is a perennial herbaceous plant of the woody-stemmed papillionaceae family. Originally from Southeast Asia and Europe. Grows in very humid areas and it can reach up to five meters in height, with elliptical, pointed and somewhat viscous leaves on the underside. It has small, bluish flowers borne in loose, pedunculated clusters. It has been used since ancient times as a natural remedy, as it has antiulcer, laxative and expectorant properties.

For its peculiar flavor It has also been used in gastronomy, as a sweetener, in the manufacture of sweets, cakes and pastries. There are even some high-proof alcoholic beverages that have paloduz among their ingredients.

Today it is becoming fashionable again and is used as flavoring to make sauces, for meats and in some alcoholic drinks, especially those involving gin. So, perhaps soon we will find it much more easily than now on sale in kiosks or market stalls. At the moment I am looking for and capturing a few sticks or a jar of powdered paloduz, to make a recipe.

Photo | Pirate1989
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