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the nine best beef tenderloin recipes

25 mayo, 2021

At Christmas we usually cook some meats or fish that, due to their high price, we reserve to enjoy on holidays like these. It is the case of sirloin, one of the tastiest and most tender pieces of beef (also pork), which always triumphs.

This cut is the one that extends between the ribs and the loin and in turn has several parts: the central area or tournedo It is the best to present on the grill or grill, the tip or filet mignon is ideal for chopping and preparing it in the form of hamburgers or steak tartare; lastly, the large end o chateaubriand (which also gives a name to a dish) is the ideal part to prepare roasted in the oven, although it can also be prepared on the grill or sautéed.

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Sirloin is such a juicy and grateful meat that it can be presented only cooked on the grill or grill, accompanied by a sauce, like these that we proposed in a previous report. But there are also a series of preparations that help to highlight this valued piece of meat so that it reaches all its splendor. This is our selection:

Fillet Wellington

Sirloin Wellington is a classic in the kitchen that consists of coating the sirloin (although it can also be prepared with a good tenderloin) in a duxelle –A mince made with very finely chopped mushrooms, shallots and onions that are sautéed in a pan with butter– and pate or foie, and cover this with puff pastry before putting it in the oven, which allows the interior to be very juicy.

Contrary to what many may think, preparing a Sirloin Wellington is relatively simple. You can follow our recipe with video, in its traditional version, or choose to serve it in individual puff pastry, which can be made with dough, which makes it easier (although the result is not so spectacular).

Beef sirloin casserole

To the casserole

This recipe allows cook the sirloin in a single pan and it does not require more than 20 or 30 minutes for its elaboration. The only important thing to keep in mind is that it must be done at the moment so that the meat is tender, juicy and just right. The elaboration, in addition, allows to accompany the piece with a sauce of its own juice, which is undoubtedly an advantage.

Here you can check the full recipe.

Sirloin Chateaubriand


Although the term “chateaubriand” refers to the big end of sirloin, It is also used to designate a way to prepare the cut in the oven, in which it is accompanied by a sauce of the same name, made with onion, carrot and brandy.

Traditionally the recipe is served with mashed potatoes or soufflé potatoes.

You can check the full recipe here.

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Strógonoff beef


Another basic classic of the kitchen, which according to its most accepted origin was invented in the 19th century when a chef who worked for the count Pavel Aleksándrovich Stroganov, the famous Russian general of the Napoleonic Wars, invented the recipe during a cooking competition in St. Petersburg.

This dish can be made with other cuts of veal, but its most delicious version is the one prepared with beef tenderloin.

You can check the full recipe here.

Beef sirloin with Cabrales sauce


A very common way to serve sirloin, especially in Asturias, is to accompany it with a Cabrales cheese sauce. The advantage of this recipe is that its preparation is extremely easy, it is enough to prepare the sauce –composed only of Cabrales cheese and cream– and cook the sirloin on the grill or grill.

You can check the full recipe here.

Sirloin crêpes


An original way to present the sirloin at these parties is to do it in the form of crêpes. The advantage of this recipe is that you can use the ends of the sirloin, cheaper and equally rich, but useless for other types of elaborations.

In this recipe, the meat is accompanied by a caramelised onion, which is like a glove. It is also a ideal elaboration if you have invited children.

You can check the full recipe here.

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Baked beef tenderloin with red wine sauce

Red Wine Sirloin

In this recipe – which can be prepared with other juicy cuts of beef or veal, such as English sirloin, chuck, round … – the piece of meat must be roasted whole, so that it is very tender, and is accompanied after a sauce made with broth from the meat itself and red wine.

It is ideal for ChristmasWell, 6 people can eat perfectly from a whole two-kilo piece.

You can check the full recipe here.

Beef sirloin with mushrooms and sautéed rice

Rice Mushrooms

At Christmas (and, in general, in all celebrations) we usually use potatoes or vegetables in their different forms as garnish. But why not go for rice and mushrooms? This is what our colleague Pakus proposes in this recipe in which the grilled sirloin is accompanied Portobello mushrooms and basmati rice, sautéed with the meat juice.

You can check the full recipe here.

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Sirloin in a pepper and mustard crust

Mustard Pepper Crust

Another way to prepare the sirloin, ideal if you have to feed many diners, is to do it with a crust of pepper and mustard, which infuses the meat with the flavor of these spices.

It is a way of marinate the meat so that it acquires flavor, but then it must be passed through the grill or grill, which allows us to adjust the cooking to the taste of the guests.

You can check the full recipe here.