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the most international Spanish rice

23 mayo, 2021

For this mixed paella recipe, we will cook all the ingredients in the same utensil, the paella. We start by browning all the necessary slices and bits. Thus, we will start with the chicken and the lean pork that once browned, we reserve. Then we do the same operation with the squid cut into rings, their tentacles, the prawns and the mussels, which As they open, we will withdraw to remove one of their shells.

When everything is done, we remove and start with the sauce. You can use a homemade sauce for rice like this one that we show you or make it yourself with two garlic, a green pepper and a crushed tomato. Once the sauce is prepared, add and sauté the rice until it takes on a pearly color and we reincorporate the meats and squid, reserving the prawns and mussels for the end of the process.

Lightly toast the saffron as we show you here and add the liquid. For this recipe, having sea and land ingredients, we can use a mixture of chicken broth and broth or shrimp stock, and thus we will achieve an intense flavor. To calculate how much broth to use, it is convenient to measure the volume of the rice and use approximately three times that volume in the broth.

We cook over high heat for nine or ten minutes and then we lower the heat and leave another seven or eight more.. During cooking we shake the paella by grasping it by the handles and we never stir. When there are two or three minutes left, we spread the prawns and mussels on the surface. Once the process is finished, we cover the paella with a clean cloth and let it rest for a few minutes so that everything is finished cooking with the residual heat and the flavors settle.

Mixed Paella Steps

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With what to accompany the mixed paella recipe

Is mixed paella recipe It is conceived as a single dish so you can start with an appetizer of your liking such as garlic prawns or clams a la marinara and then serve the rice. What I do mention is that -although it is a widespread custom- you do not have to serve paellas and other rice with lemon, which will mask all the flavors that this recipe contains.