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The most effective plants to ward off mosquitoes and you can sleep peacefully

26 mayo, 2021

It is so typical in the hottest season: leave a window open and there is no lack of the mosquito that enters and interrupts your sleep.

This is because mosquitoes take advantage of the temperature of the water in puddles and other bodies of water to reproduce easily and, therefore, the population of these insects increases considerably when it is hotter.

But so that this does not happen and you can rest better, we share the most effective plants to repel mosquitoes and that you can place without problems in your room. Get to know them!

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Keep that mosquito away: plants that scare them away from your home



Basil is your ally to ward off any type of mosquito. (Photo: Getty Images)

Its aroma repels mosquitoes and also serves to eliminate its larvae: you just have to plant it near the ponds where you think they are reproducing.

You can also have a pot as close to places such as sinks, sinks, cisterns, water tanks or bodies of water in your house where they could reproduce.

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Lavender: the muquito does not support its aroma


(Photo: Getty Images)

The relaxing aroma of this plant, in addition to helping you rest better at night, will repel invaders that want to take away your sleep. We recommend having it on the windows or on the bureau of your bedroom. It will be a quiet night.

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Has a mosquito not let you sleep? Try mint. (Photo: Getty Images)

In addition to repelling mosquitoes with its exquisite aroma, it also relieves the discomfort of their bites.

And last but not least: the aroma of this plant is relaxing and will help you sleep much better. Its benefits are manifold!

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Romero: effective against that pesky mosquito


(Photo: Getty Images)

It is a very effective natural repellent. Burn a few twigs and place them near your window.

It is also a relaxing herb that will help you sleep soundly.

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That mosquito will not come near you again with the help of sage. (Photo: Getty Images)

It is an effective natural insecticide and the way to use it is simple: burn a few leaves and place them on a plate near a window. You will be fascinated by the result!

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