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The menu with which I managed to “go on a diet”, but above all to change the way I eat and be happy (and I love to eat)

24 mayo, 2021

I have never needed a diet or anything like that. I’ve been lucky for years because I weighed 55 kilos and ate nonstop and anything. But the body changes and suddenly one day I went to put on a dress for a party and it wouldn’t close. And another dress, and another … I had to go shopping at the last minute. Without my realizing it, the scale marked 9 kilos more in a year (and I’m not exactly tall, so it showed a lot). Of course, I set out to fix it.

Diets, why one day they say one thing and the next another: this is how the complex science of nutrition works

What was clear to me is that could not suffer. I like to eat and if I decided on a no-eat diet, I would give up. So I made a menu as I have been repeating with small modifications and I have changed the way I eat. The most important thing: I am happy and I do not suffer. And although I have not returned to 55 kilos, I use two sizes less pants than on that occasion.

All this that I tell you: I with nine extra kilos and a party dress that did not close happened to me on a trip in which I coincided with a nutrition expert (which by the way is quite extreme in his diet, he runs daily and does not have a gram of fat in his body) and he gave me some clues.

King Prawn Salad

Seven keys to reset my eating

1. Have a good breakfast. A coffee, some toast and a piece of fruit at least. If you don’t have breakfast, by midmorning you have a hell of a hunger and you eat a wild boar. And yes: it was what I did every day. It is better to arrive at one in the afternoon without hunger from Obelix and drink alone a skimmed yogurt or a fruit.

2. Enjoy lunch at noon, taking everything and without worrying. As healthy as possible, of course. But Without restrictions.

3. From 18.00 to eat until dinner At that time have an apple. It is a very satiating fruit and you will avoid snacking until dinner and then eat protein.

4. Protein-based dinner. Without measures. Avoid carbohydrates. This advice is contrary to the whole current by which all nutritionists they say that not eating carbohydrates at night to lose weight is silly. According to science, it is. But I think it’s a good way to limit carbohydrate intake and ensure that we eat less pasta, bread, and flour. It’s just putting a limit and it is a time limit. Of course, at dinner it is necessary that the food be raw, grilled, baked or steamed … C cooked in a healthy way. Neither fried nor battered … According to this new way of dining, cheese is also prohibited at night (this was the worst for me, who always topped French dinners with a little cheese and usually cured), and they can only be taken light dairy. No sugar, of course. And as a drink, only the Water.

Carbohydrates at night do not make you fat, and science supports it

5. Take a break from the diet for one day. It is what athletes and nutritionists call the food or cheat day. It’s about eating whatever you want just one day a week. Some nutritionists defend that this is not only good, if not necessary, because this way your body does not get used to the low intake and the “fat burning” mode is reactivated, which is deactivated if you offer fewer calories to your body. Other nutritionists see it as an outlet and motivation to continue with your diet. Be that as it may, I follow him strictly and have the cachopo or the triple-decker hamburger that I dream of all week.

All about cheat food

6. Don’t drink alcohol. This is the least expensive because I don’t drink alcohol during the week. Only on the day of rest from the diet, which is what I was already doing (my sacred vermouth and my little wines).

7. Play sports. Me, who hadn’t played a sad game of tennis since I was 13 years old. But (spoiler), I’ve been doing sports ever since.


Have a plan and don’t deviate – that’s the key

I put everything in motion. But he knew he was not going to accomplish this goal without a plan. So I made myself a menu for dinners. I think that if you don’t organize yourself, you end up eating whatever is in the fridge and putting into your diet what you shouldn’t. But also, I made a menu that I really like. If not, I would also skip it.

My only “catch” is that I allow myself an occasional ounce of dark chocolate after dinner (although it is low in sugar something takes). Maybe without that trap and that little “mess” it would be a noodle, who knows. The rest, I fulfilled it to the letter, I took off my bread after lunch, I forgot about sweets after noon dessert and in a month I lost 3 kilos. Another 3 kilos in the following 3 months. Now I keep and my purchase and my refrigerator are designed to comply with this system, although the menu varies more. It’s actually what nutritionists do when they put you on a diet: lead the way with a closed menu so you don’t stray and achieve your goal. And the ideal is that you improve the way you eat.


My delicious menu for the diet

With these rules I specified my dinner menu for two weeks. Maybe you like it and it will go well for you to start your plan. There are several dishes and every Sunday I organized them so that at the end of the week everything went as planned, but if one day the dishes are exchanged, nothing happens either. And as long as you can afford it, a good ham with grilled vegetables or a good grilled seafood is well received and does not need anything else. But without going crazy, these are my dishes:

sea ​​bass in salt

Monday: Salt or grilled sea bass with fresh sprout salad (lamb’s lettuce and arugula) with sunflower seeds, salt, pepper, oil and vinegar.

Tuesday: Vegetable cream (without cream) or gazpacho and scrambled eggs with garlic and prawns.

Wednesday: Grilled chicken with roasted pepper salad and roasted onion with oregano.

Thursday: Salmon with fine herbs with vegetables in papillote.

Friday: Grilled hake and tomato salad.

Saturday: Cheat day.

Sunday: Roasted pepper salad with cherry tomatoes or avocado and natural tuna.

roasted pepper salad

Monday: Green sprout salad with marinated salmon and pickled gherkins.

Tuesday: Prawns cooked with tomato mince, green pepper and chives in a vinaigrette.

Wednesday: Pumpkin cream and scrambled eggs with mushrooms, chives and ham cubes.

Thursday: Mexican without pancakes: Grilled chicken in strips with peppers and grilled onion in strips and homemade guacamole. This dish can also be made without guacamole and more Asian, with soy sauce.

Friday: Cut pork shoulder with roasted peppers or with salad of green shoots and cherry tomatoes.

Saturday: Cheat day

Sunday: Grilled tenderloin with grilled vegetables. Vegetables are always the ones I like the most: asparagus, zucchini, aubergine …

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In summer we change the vegetable creams for gazpacho (never salmorejo that has bread) and dessert, always, zero calorie plain yogurt or zero calorie gelatin, apple or orange in season.

The Thermomix helps a lot or a food processor that emulsifies hot or cold creams and the Crock-Pot to make chicken or pork loin in its juice and oils or pepper salad …

Roasted Red Peppers That Never Burn - The Easiest Slow Cooker Recipe

How do I tell you now at home there are always products to make some of these dishes and I have added some such as the vegetable tian, which I make with natural tomato in the background, the smoked salmon and avocado tartare or the cream of leeks. And how do I have a good constitution, instead of “a cheat day”, what I do is relax on the weekend, without going crazy and sometimes dinner is also a cream or a gazpacho in case of having passed with the food.

The key is that I feel good in a suitable weight. I also do sports, not as much as I would like, but enough so that the metabolism kicks in and also changes that tendency to save fat. If nothing prevents you, look for a sport that you like and make you happy, in my case it is Pilates. Hopefully you will find in my article the keys to eating healthily and feeling better with your weight. But if not, find your way to enjoy eating and take care of your health.

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