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The low sodium diet

25 mayo, 2021

As you know, an excess of salt in the diet can raise blood pressure, or even worse, we can put our health at risk, especially that of the heart and kidneys. Sodium is necessary for our body, it is also one of the minerals that help maintain our correct pH.

According to specialists, the recommended daily dose should not exceed 3 milligrams, but this is not always the case, without realizing it, many times we exceed 10 milligrams and this measure constitutes a dangerous level for those who are hypertensive.

Sodium attracts water and as a consequence, causes greater fluid retention and consequently increases blood flow and finally increases our blood pressure.

Knowing all this, the first step we must take to prevent hypertension with food will be to monitor the intake of salt, which we use in many foods and we must also monitor packaged products that contain sodium as a hidden additive. An example of these products would be foods dried with salt, such as cod or smoked meat, concentrated packages such as soup or sauces and condiments such as ketchup and mayonnaise.

There are a large number of combinations that can be made with a low sodium diet that will help to keep us healthy and will regulate hypertension in the case of suffering from it. It is possible that in principle the food is not so pleasant and that it is somewhat bland, but it is the best time to use spices and herbs that will give the dishes a great flavor and wholesomeness.

Low sodium foods such as vegetables, legumes, nuts or fruits are ideal for a low sodium diet. If you have a hypertension problem, it is convenient to follow a low-salt diet to ensure your well-being.

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