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The juiciest burger. Easy, simple and delicious cooking recipe

24 mayo, 2021

How delicious are hamburgers, right? I love them and they are a very balanced meal, very easy and very quick to prepare. I have been preparing them in the same way for years and I am not considering changing it. Because after trying many variants, this is my best burger recipe. And, if something works, it is better to leave it as is.

Minced beef, bread soaked in milk, eggs, sauces and other condiments form the basis of which I can confirm, without the slightest doubt, is my best burger recipe. A super-juicy hamburger that, whatever you combine it with, always triumphs among those who try it.

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In a deep bowl, mix the milk with the egg, the ketchup, the mustard, the garlic salt, the Provencal herbs and season to taste. We beat and incorporate the two slices of sliced ​​bread. Crush with a fork so that the bread is soaked well while we make a dough as similar as possible to a porridge in which no pieces of bread are noticeable.

Add the minced meat and, with very clean hands, mix until well incorporated. We divide the mixture of our hamburgers into six equal parts. We take each one of them, we roll it and we crush it between the palms of our hands. We can use a plating ring or some gadget to form hamburgers, but it is not necessary.

Brush a large frying pan or a griddle with olive oil and heat it over high heat. We place the hamburgers on it and mark them, without touching or crushing, for two or three minutes, lowering the heat to medium cooking. We turn, cover each hamburger with two slices of cheese, cover and cook on the other side for another two or three minutes. The time will depend on the point we want to give the meat. We serve immediately.


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With what to accompany my best hamburger

This super-juicy burger can be, my children would say “must”, accompanied by a good portion of fries. It is a very complete and satisfying meal. The combination of meat, salad, cheese, bacon and bread makes it a perfect unique dish that it tastes best by eating it with your hands. No fuss.

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