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The Italian white truffle, an unforgettable delicacy

24 mayo, 2021

Talk about the Italian white truffle is talking about an unforgettable delicacy, since the bianco tartufo It is one of the most important and appreciated ingredients in world haute cuisine. It occurs in Piedmont, Tuscany and other regions of Italy.

Truffles are a variety of fungi that develop in a mycorrhizal symbiotic relationship with some species of trees, such as chestnut, walnut, holm or oak. Inside the truffles, the Italian white truffles that are unique in the world they are a delight for the most select palates.

Unlike the black truffles (tuber melanosporum) which are also highly valued but more common, the Italian white truffles (tuber magnatum pico) are an authentic rarity that occurs only in Italy, in the Piedmont area and they are characterized by their pale color on the outside and the brown or yellow color on the inside.


Its flavor and aroma are very intense and they are usually used to flavor oils and eggs to be consumed raw by grating a small part on top of the plate since this truffle loses part of its aroma when cooked. For example, in the image you can see some slices of Italian white truffle crowning a delicious risotto, providing its incredible aroma and flavor.

The white truffle market

The white truffle is a very expensive product, even more than diamonds, being Alba, a small town in Piedmont, the place where the White Truffle Fair is organized every year, Fiera Internazionale del Tartufo Bianco d’Alba, where it is auctioned reaching impressive prices, such as 100,000 euros for a copy of about 750 g, one of the records of past years.

The San Miniato Truffle Market, which is held at the end of November and the beginning of December, in which most of the country’s white truffles are sold, in an appointment with a very complete program of activities.


At the truffle auctionsRestaurants from many cities around the world participate in the auctions by bidding online. This auction is an international event, the winners of the bids usually being chefs from Hong Kong or Moscow, Las Vegas or Los Angeles.

In addition to a very important advertising tool for truffle producers of the producing areas, the proceeds from the truffle auctions are used in charitable activities and serve as a reagent for businesses in the area since in parallel to them, a large market full of activities, tastings and demonstrations is set up around to the appreciated product of the earth.

The white truffle in gastronomy

Gastronomically, the Italian white truffle more prestigious than the black truffle of the French Périgord. As its aroma is very volatile and does not allow cooking, the white truffle is eaten raw, laminated or grated, sprinkled on the dishes to which it contributes a intense aroma very characteristic that reminds of garlic and gas, a mixture of mountains and sea, which is highly appreciated by gourmets.

For this reason, the most common way to consume it is grate the white truffle on a plate of pasta, eggs, potatoes or rice, or by placing on the plate some very thin, almost transparent slices cut with a special grater, allowing their intense aroma to mix with that of the plate.


The reason for its high price, in addition to its delicious taste and a true and undeniable component of snobbery among its consumers, is the scarcity and the impossibility of carrying out a planned cultivation as occurs with melanosporum and other varieties of truffle.

Truffles are also used to season all kinds of meats and sausages since their aroma is very intense and a single piece is enough to give flavor. In addition, one of its uses is the production of oils or essences with which to flavor dishes. However, about these oils, there is an important difference between those made with truffle essence, labeled as Identical Natural Scent and those labeled as Synthetic Scent that comes from a derived from petroleum.

We hope that this information about a product as select as the Italian white truffle You found it interesting and I hope you have the chance to try this delicious delicacy, one of the great products of world gastronomy.

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