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The great benefits of cooking without oil

28 mayo, 2021

Eating fried foods is linked to higher risks of obesity and of suffering from obesity-related diseases, such as diabetes. It is not just about avoiding oil when cooking, but even frying foods without oil.

But, isn’t oil needed for frying? Not! There is technology like the Nutrifryer, which, thanks to the 360 ​​degree circulation of super hot air, makes food cook inside and out and without oil.

So if you are craving some wings, a hamburger or some french fries, today you can eat them with 80% less fat. In this way you can enjoy a wide variety of dishes without having to worry about calories and you can follow the healthy lifestyle you are looking for.

This is extremely important, especially in a country like Mexico, where according to the OECD, the obesity rate among adults is the highest in the world, even above the United States.

So it is not strange that Mexico is also the first country that consumes the most ultra-processed foods, according to the Pan American Health Organization. These constitute 30% of the Mexican diet. Eating too much fried food is linked to the suffering of more than 80 diseases related to weight and obesity, including: diabetes and stroke.

Cooking without oil will do you a lot of good

When you cook without oil, the food will have fewer calories and will be healthier. Eating fried foods is associated with obesity, because frying foods with any type of vegetable oil makes them rich in trans fats.

In turn, these increase the risk of death from any cause by 34% and mortality from coronary heart disease by 28%, according to the World Health Organization.

This is because these fats increase the concentration of “bad” cholesterol in the body and decrease that of the good ones. This type of fat is not known to have any beneficial effect and additionally increases the caloric value of food.

Also, when food is fried in a traditional way, it oxidizes. Oxidation is the most important reaction of fats and it generates compounds that, if eaten constantly, can be toxic, according to several studies.

In this way, cooking without oil undoubtedly makes the food healthier, in addition to lowering the caloric value of the food.

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Another advantage of cooking without oil is the best flavors and textures of the food that can be achieved. By cooking without oil in a super hot cyclonic air flow oven such as Nutrifryer, food is fried, roasted and dehydrated, preserving the nutritional properties of the food and allowing the food to be crisp and juicy.

In addition to the health benefits and the appearance and taste of food, cooking without oil will also make your kitchen clean more quickly.

Frying in a traditional way means that the oil splashes the kitchen and emits different unpleasant smells. In contrast, frying without oil avoids all these annoyances. In addition, Nutrifryer is composed of a series of accessories that can be cleaned very easily and even in the dishwasher.

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