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The exotic dishes of Pan y Circo and their peculiar ingredients

24 mayo, 2021

Bread and Circus is one of the new Amazon Video proposals: a discussion table, interviews and testimonies accompanied by an unconventional gastronomic offer, made up of exotic dishes and quite peculiar ingredients.

Diego Luna, creator of the project, was not only inclined to talk about the main problems that plague Mexico, but also to show a different setting to address these issues: a dining room where drinks and dishes created by renowned Mexican chefs were served.

We want to tell you about the exotic dishes that Diego Luna’s guests tasted while talking about the pandemic, femicide, abortion, climate change and legalization of marijuana.

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The exotic dishes of Pan y Circo and their ingredients

Mole con ant chicatana with onion and garlic

Chicatana ant

The Chicatana ant was one of the ingredients that attracted the most attention. Getty Images

Chef Enrique Olvera surprised diners with this unusual mole proposal, which we had not imagined could be prepared with ants as the main ingredient.

This extravagant mole was accompanied by roasted aubergines and corn tortillas. During the program, the chef was questioned about the complexity of his dish, to which he replied that the important thing about a recipe is not the complexity with which it is prepared, but the quality of its ingredients.

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Tomato and pipian salad with cauliflower

Pipian has never looked so exotic. Getty Images

Chef Alexander Suástegui chose to prepare 3 dishes for diners to experience an interesting combination of texture and flavor.

In addition, he offered them a pipian with cauliflower and hazelnut butter, prepared with different types of pumpkins. Although the ingredients are conventional, the way of preparing it was quite creative.

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Herb mole with quelites tamale from Pan y Circo

Saint leaf

An ice cream and a mole. Dishes prepared with the holy leaf. Getty Images

Chef Elena Reygadas’s proposal focused on vegan and organic ingredients. The mole, composed mainly of holy leaf, chaya and amaranth leaves, was accompanied by a tamale of quelites.

As a dessert, the chef also used the holy leaf to prepare an ice cream accompanied by organic cocoa, thus demonstrating that an ingredient can be very versatile and also delicious.

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Chilacayote cream infused with goat cheese


Chilacayote: this fruit was part of an exquisite and original dish. Getty Images

Alejandra Barbabosa offered a chilacayote cream infused with goat cheese, which was also served with quail eggs.

The chef also surprised Pan y Circo participants with a Castilla pumpkin croquette with pepitas marinade. A proposal that integrates conventional ingredients prepared with different techniques.

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Would you dare to prepare the dishes of Pan y Circo?

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