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the definitive recipe so that it always looks perfect on you

21 mayo, 2021

To make bechamel sauce, we start by putting a pan on the fire and adding 50 g of butter. As soon as it melts, we add the same amount of flour and stir forming a roux or a paste. If we are going to want a thinner or thicker bechamel, we can alter this proportion a bit, although I usually always keep it, and what I play with is the amount of milk and the cooking / evaporation time.

Once the flour and butter are well mixed, we add the milk while stirring. It’s time to change the wooden spoon for the rods and thus avoid lumps from forming. Key: add the milk little by little, so that there are no changes in temperature.

You can get better results if you have the milk very hot in a saucepan and you add scoop by scoop, without adding more milk until the previous milk has been absorbed by the dough. And yes, always stirring without stopping, making circular movements or drawing eights in the pan, so that the bechamel sauce is always in motion.

Bechamel Pakus Direct Paladar Steps

When you have added all the milk, it is time to taste and add salt and the classic touch of nutmeg, so characteristic of bechamel. If you want a thicker bechamel, spend more time and let the liquid evaporate little by little while the pan fills with bubbles.

What to do if there are lumps in the béchamel sauce

In spite of everything, even if you have followed the steps carefully, each fire, each pan and each milk is different. Then… What can you do if you get lumps in the béchamel? In that case, we already tell you here how to solve this problem for remove lumps effortlessly.

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If lumps come out in the béchamel, this usually happens early in the process and if with the rods you cannot dissolve them in the milk, you can use the blender and then return the already crushed sauce to the pan and continue with the preparation as seen in the previous collage of images.