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the best way to preserve it and recipes to use it

22 mayo, 2021

Relieved as he was alone. Garlic parsley has the ability to enhance the flavor of our dishes in a unique way. Although it is sold dry (you can find it in any supermarket), homemade garlic, made with fresh ingredientsIt is unmatched. Doing it is so easy and fast that we do not consider another option.

One of the advantages of preparing garlic parsley at home is that we can choose its ingredients. The ideal is to opt for the freshest garlic we can find and the same with parsley. We can also adjust the proportions of garlic and parsley to taste and have a garlic parsley made to measure to use in future recipes.

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Although it does not take more than ten minutes to do it and can be prepared when needed, it works for us very comfortable to do large quantity and store it in the fridge or freezer for later consumption. It saves us a few minutes of cooking, something we often appreciate.

The first thing to do is, as we have already mentioned, choose good raw material. The fresher the garlic and parsley, the better. The latter can be kept in good condition for three or four days if we put it in a jar with water and cover its leaves with a plastic bag.

Garlic Peeling many garlic cloves at the same time is simple and fast if we use a pot

The ingredient amounts They are indicative, but we really like garlic and we use two whole heads and a bunch of parsley. The heaviest step in the process is to peel the garlic cloves, but if we put them in a glass jar, close and shake as if it were a shaker, the skins will come off on their own.

As for parsley, we wash and dry it well and we are left with only the finest leaves and stems. The thick stalks are slightly bitter, so we discard them.

Garlic 2 We can use a manual or electric mincer

Peeled the garlic cloves and clean the parsley, we chop in a mincer (manual or electric) with short, dry strokes, so that a puree does not form, and lowering the remains that stick to the walls. If the glass of the mincer is small, it will be easier to chop the ingredients two or three times.

Garlic parsley can be add extra virgin olive oil, but it can also be left as is. Either of the two formulas is perfectly valid when using it in the kitchen, either immediately or for future recipes.

Garlic 3 Ready-to-eat garlic (without oil)

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How to preserve garlic parsley

The garlic parsley that we do not use requires cold for good conservation. We can keep it in the fridge inside a hermetically sealed container (preferably glass). It lasts in good condition between three and four days and from eight to ten days if we add extra virgin olive oil.

Another option is freeze garlic parsley in ice buckets or zip-lock bags, either with or without oil. The ice buckets are very practical, with them we obtain specific portions of garlic parsley and, depending on the amount we need, we only have to take one cube, two, three, etc.

Garlic 4 In ice buckets or freezer bag: two ways to freeze garlic parsley

Bags are another great option. They allow the garlic parsley to spread throughout its interior and obtain thin sheets that store neatly in the freezer. When the time comes, you just have to open the zipper of the bag, click the sheet with the required amount and close the bag again to save the rest.

In what recipes and what uses to give garlic parsley

Garlic bread Garlic bread

Sauteed vegetables, legumes, eggs, rice, fish and seafood, meats, salads, sauces, breads, breaded, marinated, marinated and much more. Garlic parsley has so many uses and applications in the kitchen as imagination decides who is in front of the stove. Added to any of these recipes the triumph is assured.

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