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The best vegetarian dishes around the world

24 mayo, 2021

Wikipedia tells us that vegetarianism, or vegetarianism, is the diet that has as a principle stop consuming any type of meat. A regime that gains followers as the days go by and that, in many cases, goes beyond food to become a way of life in which respect for animals is placed above all else.

If you are interested in this type of diet or if you simply want to reduce the consumption of meat in your diets, the best vegetarian dishes around the world They can serve as inspiration and help. Be that as it may, we trust you to enjoy this gastronomic tour. Do we start with it?

Cauliflower fillets with chimichurri sauce

Mac and cheese

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Not everything in American cuisine is hamburgers and sandwiches, one of its most classic dishes is Mac and cheese, a macaroni and cheese pudding tremendously popular in those lands. Behind this dish are the English settlers, who brought this comforting dish full of flavor to the new world. Comfort food at its finest.


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Tender balls or pancakes made from humble and basic ingredients (chickpea, garlic, onion and coriander), falafel is one of the tastiest recipes in vegetarian cuisine. Enclosed in pita bread and garnished with tomato and green leaves is how they are served in many of the Middle Eastern countries that dispute their origin.


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The taboule is a Middle Eastern gastronomy salad, very healthy and light. It is made with couscous and finely chopped vegetables. The choice of the latter varies depending on the area in which it is prepared, but tomatoes, peppers, etc. are usually not lacking. It is flavored with lime and mint juice, which makes it very refreshing.

Mutabal or baba ghanoush

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Eggplant is a very present vegetable in traditional Arab cuisine. It is used as another ingredient in many elaborations or as the protagonist of dishes such as mutabal or baba ghanoush. A cream of pleasant and light texture that is served as an aperitif and that awakens the most insatiable of gulas.


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The tzatziki is considered in Greece as a salad, although its appearance reminds us of a cream or dip and, therefore, we tend to consume it as an aperitif or sauce. Be that as it may, this dish made from cucumber, garlic and Greek yogurt is a true delicacy of the gods and one of the most refreshing recipes in this compilation. It is very quick and easy to prepare, so why don’t you dare to check it out for yourself?


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Greek cuisine is full of recipes suitable for vegetarians. Among the most popular, in addition to the tzatziki we just saw, are the dolmades. Are some rice packets wrapped in grape leaves, a very original and tasty combination. They can also be found stuffed with meat, but we forget about them for today.


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As with falafel, the main ingredient in hummus is also chickpea, an element widely used in cuisine throughout the Middle East. This cream is usually accompanied by pita bread, which is used as an edible spoon, and usually served as an aperitif. Supports multiple versions: pesto, beet, piquillo, avocado, etc.

Melanzane alla parmigiana

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From our Italian neighbors we highlight the aubergines with parmesan or melanzane alla parmigiana. One of the classic southern Italian dishes most popular internationally. It consists of a kind of vegetable lasagna, in which the eggplant acts as the pasta and is accompanied by a filling of natural tomato and Parmesan cheese.

Onion soup

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Onion soup is considered native to France, but there are many countries that introduced it to their culinary repertoires so many centuries ago that they also consider it their own. In its beginnings, this soup was considered a poor man’s dish due to its humble ingredients. But nowadays occupies an important and deserved place in French gastronomy.


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Although in Spain we are very fond of meat and fish, we can also boast of highly relevant vegetarian dishes. Gazpacho is one of them and, more specifically, the traditional Andalusian gazpacho. One of the star recipes of the summer, when the heat asks us light and refreshing meal.

Spicy potatoes

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We continue with Spain and we mention one of the most classic appetizers in the country: patatas bravas. These potatoes they are the queens of tapas and there is no bar that does not include them in its menu. Making them at home is very simple, so the next time you feel like it, encourage yourselves to prepare them yourself.

Guacamole with tortilla chips

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We cross the pond with a stop in Mexico, where we find guacamole, one of the most popular dishes on the planet. Deliciously soft and refreshing, it is a snack that costs nothing to prepare and that, served with tortilla chips or homemade nachos, constitutes a luxury aperitif on its own, although it can also be served as part of another dish.


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Borsch, a traditional Polish soup, is one of the jewels of its most traditional cuisine. This made from beetsHence its characteristic color, potato and other vegetables. It can be taken both hot and cold, the latter accompanied by sour cream. In any case, it is an outstanding dish that is worth trying.

Spring rolls

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Raise your hand who has never eaten some spring rolls. Traditional Chinese cuisine, if you have not tried them before you are already taking time to do so. Juicy and tasty vegetables dressed with soy sauce and broth are what is hidden inside these small packets of wheat or rice pasta. A classic among classics.

This is our personal compilation. We show you the 14 best vegetarian dishes around the world, But are not the only ones. Therefore, we would love for you to let us know your favorite vegetarian recipes through the comments section and thus be able to increase this list in order to benefit all of us equally.

Images | Jules, Artizone, Sergey Galyonkin, Antonio Foncubierta and Shoko Muraguchi on Flickr
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