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The best vegetable creams for the whole year

24 mayo, 2021

One of the best ways to introduce more vegetables into our diet, especially for dinners, are the purees and creams. They can be cooked in large quantities in advance, with the possibility of freezing them, they will be well received by those most reluctant to eat vegetables, and we have both hot and warm and cold options.

Almost all vegetables are capable of forming part of a cream after a simple cooking and crushing process. Alone or in combination with other products such as mushrooms, either with or without a garnish of croutons or sprinkles, vegetable creams are always good for us and they help us regain temperature. These are our best proposals to repeat over and over again throughout the year.

The best vegetable creams to enjoy all year round

1. Basic carrot cream

Carrot cream

A basic that everyone should have in their repertoire is the classic and simple carrot cream. To this base we can add other ingredients according to the day or taste, adding garlic, a little onion, a touch of curry, pumpkin, etc. But like this, as it is, it is already perfect, and it is just as rich hot as it is cooler.

Peel the onion and cut it into thin julienne strips. We heat a little oil in a saucepan and poach the onion, over medium heat, for five minutes without letting it turn color. Meanwhile we wash the carrots, remove and discard the ends and cut into slices.

Add the carrot to the saucepan, stir and fry for a couple of minutes. We water with the broth, add salt and pepper and bring to a boil. Cook over medium heat 15 minutes or until carrot is tender. We crush and add the liquid cream. Mix well and serve immediately.

2. Slow Cooker Zucchini Soup

Zucchini Cream

The slow cookers, slow cookers or crock-pots also allow you to prepare nutritious and rich creams like a basic zucchini. You just have to put all the ingredients, close, program, and forget until it’s over. Once the vegetables are at their point, we will grind it to leave our favorite texture, and that’s it. Delicious to drink hot or cold, with the garnishes that we want.

3. Carrot Crecy Cream

Crecy Cream

Also known as crème à la crécy, this simple recipe for carrot cream takes its name from the French town of Crécy-la-Chapelle, famous for the quality of this local vegetable. It is very easy to prepare and supports a thicker or more liquid texture, depending on how we like it. The liquid cream or a little créme fraîche will give it the final elegant touch and a better consistency.

4. Cream of broccoli, coconut milk and mascarpone


Although we are passionate about the most “biteable” broccoli, in its cream format it is also exquisite. With very few ingredients we can prepare a fantastic cream of broccoli, coconut milk and mascarpone cheese that will surprise even the least friends of green cabbage, very soft both in taste and texture, very rich if accompanied by crunchy dressings or a touch of more powerful cheese .

5. Cream of mushrooms

Champis Cream

Okay, the mushrooms They are not really a vegetable, but for nutritional and gastronomic purposes we can include them in the same category. The truth is that this mushroom cream is as humble and economical as it is tasty, full of flavor and very easy to personalize by adding other seasonal mushrooms according to the time of year.

6. Traditional Vichyssoise


An exquisite and simple french cream That you want both on cold days, very hot, and when the heat is on, served cold with your croutons. The softness of the leek melts with the velvety potato, giving this vichyssoise recipe its unmistakable texture, in which you cannot miss a bit of butter and cream.

7. Spinach cream in the microwave

Spinach cream

If at home someone protests when there is spinach on the table, the cream format is sure to be very well received. This spinach cream recipe is tasty, nutritious and with a very appetizing texture, which is also crowned with the delicious cheese gratin, although it is optional. And best of all, we can cook it directly in the microwave.

8. Cream of leeks, potato and pear with saffron

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Another fantastic ingredient for creams is leek, which with the potato gives us fantastic light and soft textures. In this cream of leeks, potato and pear, the sweet touch of fruit gives a perfect counterpoint to this comforting spoon dish.

9. Multi-vegetable cream

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For dinners, these are very good for us Recipes of use in which we can give out everything we have in the pantry or in the vegetable drawer of the fridge. This multi-vegetable cream is perfect for this, as well as being tasty and very healthy.

10. Tomato, carrot and ginger cream

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The first days of autumn fill the greengrocers with fantastic tomatoes, perfect for making jams, sauces and creams like this tomato, carrot and ginger cream whose aromatic touch is great for a little variation and not to introduce the classic potatoes in the creams and purees. You have to try it, seriously.

11. Gordon Ramsay Red Pesto Tomato Cream

1366 2000 13

We continue with another tomato cream, in this case tinged with red pesto And that is a Gordon Ramsay recipe. The popular and media British chef, plays here with flavors of Italian cuisine and my partner MJ he has interpreted his recipe to perfection.

12. Pumpkin cream with dill with only 3 ingredients

1366 2000 3

Pumpkin, dill and vegetable broth are the only ingredients in this fantastic pumpkin cream that he made Carmen a long time ago and how much we enjoy spoon dishes lovers simple and full of flavor.

13. Cream of pumpkin and red lentils curry

1366 2000 5

The red lentils combine perfectly with the spicy flavor of curry and with the pumpkin. In addition, being of a similar color, they enhance the visual result of this recipe for pumpkin cream and red lentils curry that is appetizing from the first moment.

14. Saffron cauliflower cream


If the cauliflower You find it somewhat indigestible at night, this aromatic saffron cream can be your wild card to take the vegetables more often. The appreciated spice gives it a touch as exquisite as it is more digestive, and it is also ideal in a glass format to take as an aperitif.

15. Spiced pumpkin and carrot cream

1366 2000 4

The same happens with this other cream that combines two orange ingredients, the pumpkin and the carrot and that once seasoned with spices, give us a flavor full of pleasant nuances that makes this cream a success at dinner time. You have the recipe for this spiced cream here for when you feel like preparing it.

16. Pumpkin cream in cider with arugula and hazelnuts

1366 2000 6

If we add two ingredients flavored with nuts such as hazelnuts and arugula to a pumpkin cream, the aroma it gives off is wonderful. If we also provide the touch to apple that gives it the cider, the result is of guaranteed success. Do not stop making this pumpkin cream cider with arugula and hazelnuts. You are going to love it.

17. Aniseed cream of roasted pumpkin, carrot and potato

1366 2000 7

To enhance the flavor of this cream, we have used previously roasted pumpkin. Afterwards, the texture is sought with the carrot and the cooked potato and they are added aniseed touches that nuance the flavor taking it to another dimension. For me this aniseed cream of roasted pumpkin, carrot and potato is one of my favorite creams for fall.

18. Creamy and light cauliflower soup

1366 2000 8

There are many people who do not enjoy the taste of cauliflower, probably because of the smell it gives off when it is cooked. This light, creamy cauliflower soup is sure to make many of those who are not fans of this cruciferous plant change their mind and become fans of this food.

19. Red cabbage cream with fennel and cider

1366 2000 9

The unmistakable purple color of this ingredient means that as soon as we see it we know that we are dealing with a red cabbage cream. This time Liliana made it with two ingredients full of aroma: fennel, and its aniseed flavor and cider and its apple flavor. You will have to do the test and enjoy the excellent combination.

20. Zucchini cream with caramelized onion and sour apple

1366 2000 10

Zucchini are light and tasty and both alone and with potatoes, they are great for making creams. In this zucchini cream with caramelized onion and sour apple we have searched contrasts of textures and flavors that make this cream an ideal dish for autumn dinners.

21. Cream of zucchini and carrot curry

1366 2000 14

We finish this collection of vegetable creams with a curry-scented zucchini and carrot cream flavored with ginger and celery. Although the mixture of colors does not give a showy result, the mixture of flavors is wonderful. You will surely be surprised to try it.

With these 21 vegetable cream recipesYou have enough variety to prepare one or two creams for dinner each week, without the need to repeat it and thus make the family happy or enrich any menu, throughout the year.

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