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The best teas you must try in 2021

22 mayo, 2021

For grannies we know that, for every problem, there is a delicious tea to remedy it. That is why we share you the best teas to enjoy in this 2021. You will be fascinated by its benefits!

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The best teas for this 2021

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The best teas: benefits of drinking them every day

  • They strengthen the immune system, favoring your defenses.
  • They have a satiating effect and prevent cravings.
  • They are diuretics: they help reduce inflammation.
  • They hydrate our body.
  • The vast majority have antioxidants.
  • It’s a great way to pamper yourself every day.

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  • Green tea with ginger

    Green tea with ginger

    If you die of cold, the best thing you can do to loosen up is to run to prepare a delicious green tea with ginger, the drink that your body needs right in …

  • Ginger Vanilla Tea

    Ginger Vanilla Tea

    Ingredients [4 rebanadas de jengibre,1 vara de canela,1 vara de vainilla,2 tazas de agua,2 cucharadas de miel de abeja] Food Recipe Instructions 1. Pour the hot water over …

  • Cinnamon tea with lime and cardamom

    Cinnamon tea with lime and cardamom

    Ingredients [1 1/2 cucharada de cardamomo en polvo ,3 limas en rodajas,4 varas de canela,2 1/2 tazas de agua ,4 cucharadas de azúcar,El jugo de 5 limones] Instructions of the …