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The best side dishes to balance your menus in a healthy way

24 mayo, 2021

The key to a good diet is to find balance, and there is no better way to achieve this than taking into account the components of each dish. Therefore, today we show the best garnishes to balance your menus in a healthy way.

The best side dishes for healthy eating

A Garrison It is what comes to accompany a main dish at lunch or dinner. And although it is not usually ingested in large quantities, it can be useful to nutritionally complete a meal or benefit us by affecting the way we metabolize the main preparation.

In practical terms, a fresh vegetable garnish for rice or couscous can be perfect. to reduce the glycemic index of the cereal as well as to incorporate fiber, provide satiety and add vitamins and minerals.

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Equally, vegetables or cereals balance a main dish with meat or fish by offering carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals that protein foods usually do not have.

Of course, the healthiest garnishes will be those of high nutritional value, which do not include fried foods and which, together with a main preparation, allow to obtain a balanced and beneficial intake for the body.

Carrots and radishes

Side dishes to balance your menus

Depending on the main dish chosenWe will choose one or the other garnish and of course we will consider our particular tastes and preferences.

Some side dish recipes that we recommend implement are:

To balance an oily meat or fish

Be it a red or white meat, in general we will obtain from these proteins and fats as well as fatty or blue fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines or similar so We recommend a more or less light preparation, with hydrates, fiber and high water content as far as possible.

Roasted vegetables

Thus, suggested options are:

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To balance a rice, pasta or other cereal

Either if we have a rice, a pasta or a couscous cooked without more or, if we have made a hamburger based on rice or another cereal, the garnishes that we recommend are those rich in fiber, with a minimum of proteins that satisfy and slow down the digestion of the cereal as well as that they provide crunchy texture, demand chewing and provide vitamins and minerals.


Some suggested side dishes are:

To balance a poached egg

In order to accompany eggs cooked, a poached egg or a simple omelette with fresh herbs, we recommend dishes with carbohydrates and fiber above all, as they will allow to achieve a complete dish together with the fats and proteins of the egg.


In addition, we prefer crunchy preparations or that require chewing, such as those shown below:

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To balance a fish

White fish, low in fat and mild flavor, can be easily balanced with preparations rich in carbohydrates, fiber and lots of flavor.


Likewise, dishes that require chewing or that have various colors may be advisable, such as the ones shown below:

These are some ideas to help you balance each of your menus in a healthy way, choosing the correct garnishes.

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