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The best recipes with nuts from Directo al Paladar

25 mayo, 2021

I love compilations of recipes with one ingredient because for their preparation, I have to review our publications and discover or re-discover great ideas that we have published a long time ago. There are even times when I get excited about recovering recipes that I myself made months or years ago and I remember them smiling and thinking “I have to make this salad or this stew again.” Today I have prepared this selection with the best recipes with nuts from Directo al Paladar, since they are a very healthy food whose consumption is recommended -in moderation- by doctors and nutritionists.

This dried fruit is so versatile and has so many uses in the kitchen that we can find it in all kinds of recipes, such as salads, sauces for stews, pasta recipes, as an ingredient in breads and also, obviously in recipes for sweets and desserts, so with this compilation, if you want to add more nuts to your usual diet, you are going to have a lot of ideas to do it.

The 27 best recipes with nuts from Directo al Paladar

A) Salty recipes

1. Corujas salad with goat cheese and walnuts

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This corujas salad with goat cheese and walnuts can be made with any green leaf that you like, such as watercress, lamb’s lettuce, arugula or a mixture of different sprouts. The contrasts of crunchy and creamy textures and the intense flavor of the ingredients, makes this salad a good alternative to the classic lettuce and tomato.

2. Colorful salad of walnuts, salmon and fresh leaves

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We continue with salads, as this colorful salad of nuts, salmon and fresh leaves served on top of the finely sliced ​​tomato is perfect as a starter at guest meals. Everyone you’ll be amazed at how well salmon and walnuts work together.

3. Orange, ham and walnut salad

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A third salad with walnuts is this one with orange, ham and walnuts in which we combine them with live oranges, -Here you can learn how to prepare the perfect wedges- and duck ham. A recipe with a powerful flavor that we like for dinner.

4. Pasta salad with quail, walnuts and pesto

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As the last salad in this selection of recipes with walnuts, we have chosen this pasta salad with quail, walnuts and pesto, since we like pickles a lot in pasta salads, to which they provide, in addition to protein, a very interesting dressing. The contrast of the pomegranate is perfect for a special touch.

5. Linguini with shiitake mushrooms and walnuts

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Mushrooms, pasta and nuts, guaranteed success. So we can see this with this recipe for Linguini with shiitake mushrooms and walnuts whose sauce, made with evaporated milk, is both light and satiating. Do not stop trying this delight.

6. Macaroni and gorgonzola cheese and walnuts

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Other combination that we love is that of walnuts and blue cheeses. In these macaroni and gorgonzola cheese and walnuts, the result is impressive and also very different from the classic pasta recipes that we like to change from time to time.

7. Spaghetti with walnut sauce, ham and asparagus

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Another similar dish, with the touch of green asparagus is this recipe for spaghetti with walnut and asparagus sauce. Since I did it the first time, I have repeated this combination at home a lot of times, both with spaghetti and with other varieties of long pasta such as papardelle, noodles, etc. Try them, listen to me.

8. Pasta au gratin with vegetable sauce, dried tomatoes and walnuts

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You see that we like Italian pasta and walnuts a lot. Another good combination is this sauce of vegetables and dried tomatoes with walnuts that looks great on this pasta. It is also a good use recipe.

9. Lasagna with broccoli, walnuts and ricotta cheese

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And to finish the selection of recipes with pasta and walnuts, this original lasagna with broccoli, walnuts and ricotta cheese, with which we were surprised María José and what I have done at home several times. How good it is, seriously, you have to do it.

10. #SinGluten Mushroom and Walnut Pie

1366 2000 2

Walnuts also work great in cakes and savory tarts. In this #gluten-free mushroom and walnut cake, super easy and very fast since you can do it in the microwave ovenYou can see how this ingredient is enjoyed in many presentations.

11. Vegan mushroom and walnut pate

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Vegans are in luck as walnuts can help make an original recipe for vegan mushroom and walnut pâté, which can be spread and served for aperitif time or as a creamy base in sandwiches and canapes. Love it.

12. Red wine and walnut bread

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We have also tried using walnuts to make bread. In this loaf that is made with red wine and walnuts and in whose preparation will help us the Thermomix if we want, we can see what good result is obtained.

13. Terrine of meat, mushrooms and walnuts

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We can also use nuts to add more nutrients and a crunchy touch to our meat terrines. Such is the case of this recipe for a beef, mushroom and walnut terrine that is crying out for you to do it at home, don’t you think?

14. Rabbit in walnut sauce

1366 2000 6

Another good application of walnuts in the kitchen is use them in the preparation of sauces, since walnuts provide flavor, nutrients and an interesting texture, like that found in other nuts such as almonds. In this recipe for rabbit in walnut sauce, you will be able to appreciate what I am saying.

15. Chicken stuffed with apple, walnuts and raisins

1366 2000 7

In fillings, nuts are very good too, especially mixed with fruits, as has been done in this chicken stuffed with apple, walnuts and raisins, which leave a juicy interior and make a single chicken spread for 6 servings without difficulty.

16. Tarator or Bulgarian cold soup with cucumber, yogurt and walnuts

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Even in cold soups like the Tarator, the Bulgarian soup made with yogurt and cucumber, walnuts give an ideal texture and thickness. It is something similar in that sense to the contribution to the ajoblanco of almonds. By the way, if you have never tried this recipe, you must do it that you will love.

B) Sweet recipes and desserts with nuts

After the first savory recipes, let’s now see how to use walnuts for desserts and other sweet recipes.

17. Sticks filled with chocolate and walnut

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These chocolate and walnut filled sticks are perfect for a sweet snack, a snack or snack, or to end a meal, served with coffee. It is a recipe for Philippe that we love.

18. Beet and walnut muffins

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Well original is this combination, and more for a dessert recipe like beet nut muffins. I have not tried them but I trust María José And if you say they are delicious, then they sure are. Pointed on slopes.

19. Classic gluten-free brownie

1366 2000 1

Brownies are usually made with nuts, but in this case, the recipe for classic brownie has been varied to make them gluten free, suitable for celiacs and other protein intolerant. Here you have the recipe. They look great, right?

20. Katharine Hepburn’s Legendary Brownie

1366 2000 2

If you prefer the more traditional recipe, this is Katharine Hepburn’s legendary Brownies recipe, the Hollywood actress who was also fond of sweet recipes. If you have not tried them, do so and you will understand why we say they are legendary.

21. Potika the Slovenian walnut dessert that the Pope joked with Melania Trump

1366 2000

When Pope Francis met with the family of the President of the United States, he made a prank Melania Trump, about a dessert from his home country, Slovenia. This recipe is Potika, a Slovenian dessert with walnuts whose recipe you can learn here.

22. Banana and walnut ice cream

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The flavor of walnuts is perfect for ice creams, and even more so for this ice cream that combines walnuts with bananas. This one is made with egg yolks, ripe bananas and walnuts and it is not necessary to have a refrigerator. Who is encouraged to try?

23. Karidopita or Greek nut cake

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Whenever I see Greek recipes I remember my son who traveled to Greece on a scholarship when he was in high school and he came back discovering that he was very fond of that cuisine. Among others, he brought us this recipe for the Greek walnut cake or Karidopita that my partner Esther it was delicious.

24. Tart with cheese, walnuts and honey

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Another cheesecake? Some of you will think … Well, it’s not just another cheesecake since this cheesecake, walnuts and honey, has all the necessary ingredients to taste and be a complete food, of course, taking care of the quantities a bit because it is quite caloric.

25. How to make Afgan Biscuits cookies

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The history of the Afghan Biscuits is very interesting because although they are known by that name, which refers to Afghanistan, They are the favorite cookies of the oceanic continent, preferred by Australians and New Zealanders.

26. Banana and walnut bread

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Earlier I told you about banana and walnut ice cream. In this case, we used the same ingredients to make this walnut banana bread, a recipe of American origin that is undoubtedly full of flavor. It is an ideal bread for the snacks that our partner taught us to prepare Carmen.

27. Estonian Kringle Cinnamon Braid

1366 2000 10

To finish the collection of sweet recipes with nuts, we have found an original cinnamon braid called Estonian Kringle, whose name transports us to the Christmas season. Idla looking at what in a few months we have a house full of people singing Christmas carols and the recipe will come in handy.

Whether you are regular consumers of this dried fruit, or if you intend to incorporate more …