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The best recipe for beans with clams, the great Asturian legume dish

25 mayo, 2021

The eve Soak the beans in plenty of water, keeping in mind that they will absorb a lot. Important, we either say the beans or we say you fabes them, but you never make them. On the other hand, in some areas of Asturias, the dish is called beans with clams. After 12 or 14 hours of soaking, we remove the water and put the beans in a large pot covering them with mineral water allowing the water level to exceed approximately three cm. We put the pot over high heat and when it starts to boil we foam to remove any impurities, if any, and lower the heat to a minimum but keeping the boil.

Meanwhile, we finely chop the leek, half an onion and the carrot in brunoise and add them to the casserole, along with the butter and some saffron threads. Cook covered and on low heat for about 2 hours and 45 minutes., adding cold water if necessary when we see that it is being consumed. The butter trick is from Marcos Morán from Casa Gerardo and it makes them creamier.

We remove the clams from the mesh and we soak them in a deep dish with water and salt to remove the grit for two hours. In a frying pan with two tablespoons of olive oil, slowly sauté the chilli, two very minced garlic cloves and the other half an onion. Add the flour and stir well, incorporating the white wine. Then we put the clams well drained, Add one or two tablespoons of the water from the bean cooking and cover so that the clams open. Then, sprinkle with very chopped parsley.

To assemble this spoon dish, we mix the beans with the clams in green sauce, removing the cayenne chilli and shake the casserole holding it by the handles in circular or back and forth movements to prevent the beans from breaking. Let it cook for two minutes with the heat to a minimum and let it rest for the flavors to settle.

Fabes With Clams Steps

Three delicious spoon dishes to beat the cold

With what to accompany the Asturian recipe of fabas with clams

It’s delicious Asturian recipe of fabas with clams It is great as a single dish, so we recommend serving it with a light dessert and a chilled white wine as an accompaniment. You will see how the result is unforgettable.