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The best proteins to lose weight taking care of the health of the organism

24 mayo, 2021

Proteins are a very important nutrient in our diet and not only because they are part of our body structures but also because they can help us achieve a quality diet. We tell you what they are the best proteins to lose weight taking care of the health of the organism.

Why Protein Helps You Lose Weight

Proteins are the nutrient that has the greatest capacity to provide satiety and satiety, that is, help us stay hungry for a long time and eat less In each meal.

For this reason, they are a nutrient that favors the achievement of an energy deficit, or what is the same, makes it easier for us to eat fewer calories than we spend in order to lose weight.

As if that weren’t enough, proteins provide only 4 Kcal per gram and they cannot be stored in our body as fats and carbohydrates do, which is why the leftovers are eliminated.

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Also, proteins demand a great digestive work thus helping the body to burn more calories during metabolism that foods rich in this nutrient demand.

One last piece of information is that proteins contribute to the maintenance and gain of lean mass within which the muscle is located, and this results in a more active metabolism that favors the burning of calories and fat helping to lose weight.

So there are many reasons that justify adding protein to our diet to lose weight if we want to achieve a healthy and successful process.

Poultry breast

The best proteins for weight loss

There are a variety of foods rich in protein that we can add to our diet, but among the best options we find those ingredients rich in lean proteins or, that are accompanied by quality fats or other beneficial nutrients when losing weight.

Thus, the following foods are source of good protein for weight loss:

Turkey and chicken breast

They are among the leaner meats that we can consume and provide a considerable amount of protein.

We are not talking about processed options such as cold turkey breast, but about fresh poultry breasts that we can cook on the grill or in many other healthy ways such as in sesame sauce or on skewers.

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We can choose the 100% protein egg white or per whole egg which is accompanied by fats that do not pose a health risk.

The egg It is one of the most versatile and satisfying options. We can include it in various savory dishes such as baked eggs with zucchini or an omelette of whites or, in some pancakes for breakfast.

Milk or plain yogurt without sugar

The milk or the unsweetened plain or Greek yogurt They are good sources of quality protein that are accompanied by calcium, vitamin D and potassium that our body needs.

We can include any of these options in desserts, smoothies or other dishes, being appropriate the use of whole dairy as well as skimmed.

Dairy products

Fresh cheese

They are the cheeses with less fat and sodium inside, but a source of quality protein and calcium for the body.

They are suitable for salads and savory dishes or, we can use them to prepare desserts such as a very light strawberry mousse.

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Nuts and seeds

They are concentrated sources of vegetable proteins, rich in healthy fats and fiber that also promotes satiety of the organism thus helping to eat less.

We can include nuts and seeds in sugar-free cookies, crackers or breads as well as, for example, use chia seeds to thicken a healthy dessert.

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The fish In all its variants it is always a good option if we want to lose weight. On the one hand, white fish will provide us with protein with almost no fat and few calories, while blue fish is a source of Omega 3 which has been linked to weight loss.

So we recommend seasonal fish and various preparations with them, such as salads, hamburgers and other recipes.



They are another plant-based option to add protein to the diet and produce great satiety. We recommend using them in replacement of some intakes with cereals.

We can use different types and prepare for example: salads, meatballs, stews, hamburgers and more.

These are the main and best sources of protein if you are looking to lose weight taking care of the health of the organism.

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