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The best gift for those of us who love to cook

25 mayo, 2021

If you, like us, dream of having a super luxury kitchen with all the utensils, appliances and accessories to create incredible culinary delights, what do you think? We found the perfect item that you can start with and with which you will never cook the same again.

Blenders Vitamix high performance are perfect for preparing anything, from soups, flours, doughs, butters, to desserts in much less time and with higher quality. Its models are designed to solve the problems and needs of each chef, but they all share the same principles that make them the smart choice for foodies. Let us tell you everything they do.

Built to last

Forget about disposable products that you have to change every so often. A Vitamix is ​​designed to withstand the toughest tests: its aircraft-grade stainless steel blades blend the toughest ingredients without lumps or chunks; while its engine maintains cold temperatures to constantly offer the power required to process any food.

The brand’s blenders use a metal drive system to connect the bowl to the base of the motor for better results.

Easy to use and clean

It’s that simple, a Vitamix It will be your new assistant in the kitchen, since you can prepare hundreds of recipes with the same glass and then let it clean itself. No, it’s not a joke, you will only have to mix hot water and a drop of dish soap in your machine at the highest speed and you will see how it automatically cleans in 60 seconds or less without having to disassemble it.

Plus, it has easy-to-use control, whether you manually adjust the blade speed or use a preset.

More than a blender

This is the perfect time to get creative! A Vitamix is ​​a great tool for creating a variety of dishes because it’s like having many blenders in one: a simple twist of the dial simplifies recipes that take longer, like chopping vegetables, or you can even prepare different textures with your unique touch of flavor. .

Flavor, flavor and more flavor

With this blender, even the smallest spices can be seen in your dishes. The power of the motor and the force of the blades combine to pulverize each ingredient and release all its flavor. First add all the seasonings you want in small amounts and then adjust until the flavor is to your liking.

Plus, this motor also has the power and stamina to mix soups and sauces for six minutes straight — long enough for the blades to create enough friction to heat them inside the glass to just the right serving temperature.

Wow! How about? We are sure that you are already thinking about all the delicacies that you can prepare with it. Stop imagining it and better make it come true with this super blender that would undoubtedly be a perfect gift.