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The best 21 recipes with ginger

23 mayo, 2021

Ginger is a rhizome or broadening of the root of the plant of the same name, which is used as a condiment. Its characteristic acid, citric, spicy and fresh flavor makes it an ingredient suitable for cooking both meat and fish recipes and of course to be part of sweets and desserts. As more and more of us use this product, we wanted to prepare this compilation with the best 21 recipes with ginger in the confidence that it can be useful to you.

Ginger is found in fresh markets and supermarkets in the greengrocer area, and also in powder in the spice and condiment jar area, so it will not be difficult to have it on hand. Fresh ginger can be frozen so nothing will prevent you from having this product available for when you are going to use it to prepare a recipe with an exotic touch. These are the best 21 recipes with ginger that we have published in Directo al Paladar.

I want to remind you that the use of ginger is different in terms of its dosage and utilities according to its different presentations. That is why I recommend you read this interesting post by my colleague María José in which she gives us the guidelines to use it fresh, dry, powdered, candied, in essence or in syrup.

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Vegetarian recipes with ginger

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Among other vegetarian recipes, we propose an exotic one, to prepare some rice noodles with tofu and pepper, which is also a gluten-free recipe. If the cold returns, my recommendation is a tomato cream with ginger and grated coconut, a surprising soup that the whole family will like.

If you want a different garnish or sauce for your pasta, go for this ginger and coriander pesto. It will surprise you. And for dessert, what better than the apple, orange and ginger puree that you have on these lines. Sure you fancy it.

Ginger Fish Recipes

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You will all remember this salmon marinated with ginger and wasabi from my partner Esther, or the carpaccio of scallops with citrus fruits ideal to show off that he taught us Carmen Aunt Alia. If you want any more ideas, be sure to try the orange and ginger marinated tuna served with soba noodles, another delicious combination of those that do not fail or leave anyone indifferent.

Meat recipes with ginger

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Although it is not so common to use ginger with meat recipes-I particularly love the pork tenderloin in a recipe that I will show you soon- we have selected two recipes to use it with meat. On the one hand some tacos made with lettuce, stuffed with spicy pork and on the other, a round roast with ginger and mustard that I recommend you try.

Ginger sweets and desserts recipes

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Some time ago my partner Esther suggested we make a lemon and ginger muffin cake, a very successful combination that you have undoubtedly tried. The taste contrast of the ingredients and that golden and crunchy surface with the interior so tender and full of aroma we love it.

We also learned how to prepare candied ginger, a presentation that is very useful for incorporating ginger into sweet recipes and also a excellent way to preserve ginger for when we are going to use it.

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But undoubtedly where ginger finds its full potential is in cookie recipes, so we propose a few:

With the gingerbread cookie dough, you can make the typical gingerbread men or dolls, build the typical Christmas cookie house or the original boxes made of ideal cookies as gifts. You can also use them to make the base of the delicious and surprising Ginger Cheesecake, in which In addition, the grated ginger is used to enrich the dough or filling of the cake.

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Besides the cookies, ginger is ideal in sponge cakes and good proof of this are these two that we propose, the cream and ginger bundt cake or the black ginger tea cake, two very aromatic ideas with which to wake up happy if you have them for breakfast.

Another original idea, preparing a pineapple lemonade with a touch of ginger, which in itself could be a exotic and non-alcoholic cocktail, which will come in handy when the good spring weather settles in our climate.

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In addition to the recipes for cakes and gingerbread cookies, we can also use it to flavor jams and preserves. Thus, this light currant and ginger jam is excellent for breakfast.

With a touch of ginger and Chinese spicesWe have also prepared this plum jam that we want to recommend you for when it is in season because it is so delicious that it practically disappears from the fridge as soon as you prepare it.

With everything, you see that ginger has a lot more possibilities given its ability to flavor. In addition to all these recipes with ginger, be sure to try it in a hot tea or soup and you will enjoy its perfumed aroma that will spread throughout the drink. Do you propose any other idea to use it?

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