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The 9 essential tricks to become the master of barbecues

24 mayo, 2021

Family and friends gatherings often feature the barbecue embers. Today we are going to give you the 9 essential tricks to become the master of barbecues so that your barbecues and roasts are the best of the summer.

The first thing to keep in mind is that with organization and planning, your barbecue will turn out better. It is not enough to buy meat and coal and assume that everything will work out. It is important a previous work that will simplify the tasks when friends and family wait hungry for their pieces of grilled meat.

1. How many are going to come to the BBQ?

Find out how many people are going to attend, even roughly, and calculate an average of about 350-400 g of meat per person, between the starters type chorizo, bacon, chicken wings and the main meats that are going to be grilled, distributing said quantity in equal parts.

For example, for 10 people, between 3 and a half kilos and 4 kilos of meat will be necessary, that is, approximately 2 kg of sausages, blood sausages, bacon, etc. and 2 kilos of lean meat such as beef tenderloin, steaks or hamburgers.


2. The perfect embers

There are many advice we can give you about the embers, among others those that we told you when talking about the 11 mistakes to avoid if you invite an Argentine to eat barbecue. We can summarize them in patience, distance and time.

That is, embers that are already ripe, whitish or greyish, the grill not very close to the embers and time to slowly cook the meats until they are just cooked. If we do not do this, the meat will burn too much on the outside and yet will not be cooked in the center.

3. Choosing the heat source

A barbecue made of wood dowels, twigs and pineapples or a charcoal barbecue is not the same. Keep in mind that its calorific value is different and that its duration is also different. The coal is the safestas the embers last a long time and maintain a constant power.

The branch or vine barbecues They are the richest, but they require a continuous feeding to continue making embers on the side of the barbecue to avoid the flames that could scorch the food by cooking it ahead of time.


4. Safety first

It is convenient that whoever operates the grill has the items necessary for your own safety. Long tongs to be able to turn the pieces without puncturing them, gloves to move the grills and some long iron for the embers. You should also have a vaporizer or spray at your fingertips to put out a flame or to cool off, as well as a cap to avoid sunstroke.

5. Preparation of the meat

Preparing the meat for its subsequent roast is a simple task that will make a difference when we put it on the grill. You can’t make a barbecue taking care of all the details and then take the meat out of the fridge and put it on the coals. To obtain a perfect result with the meat you have to respect the following tips:

  • Don’t forget to keep the meat at room temperature for at least an hour before grilling it. You can have the meat near the grills so that the pieces are sweating, but not put it on them while the embers are being made.
  • If you want to flavor the meat, you can put some aromatic herb such as rosemary or thyme on the sides of the barbecue so that these herbs give a touch to the meat.
  • Try different cuts of meat. In addition to cutlets, hamburgers and entrecots, it is interesting to discover the pleasure of the Iberian pork prey or the Argentine entrails or the strip roast to introduce variety in our roasts.

6. How to grill meat and order on the grill

Barbecued meat takes its time. Place the pieces on the grill and let them grill quietly. In the areas with less heat, further away from the embers, you can put the next pieces that you are going to grill. Do not touch the meat or turn it continuously. Let them go quietly and turn them only when they are ready.

Regarding the order on the grill, begins with sausages, bacon and blood sausage and then prepares the chicken pieces such as wings or thighs and Moorish skewers. Then, as you take them out, start placing the largest pieces that will need more time, so that they are roasted while your guests eat the entrees.

7. Salt and spices


Do not add salt to the meat before putting it on the barbecue. It is preferable to season the meats once they are cooked, each adjusting the salt to your liking. In addition, this way the meats will retain their juices and will be tastier and the moment will be more pleasant.

Do not forget to bring other seasonings and spices, such as black pepper to grind at the moment, garlic powder and aromatic herbs. So we can enjoy the meats with different flavors in each piece or even in each bite.

8. Marinades and marinades

One way to succeed at barbecues is prepare marinades and marinades in which to leave the meats a few hours the night before the barbecue. Thus, when roasted on the coals, the flavors of smoked, roasted and marinated will mix, the meat taking on a special flavor.


9. Ember quenching and cleaning

When the barbecue is finished, we have to bear in mind that even if the embers seem dead, they are probably still very hot. If the barbecue has a lid, we can leave it on to smother the fire. If it does not have it, we must set aside the charcoal and firewood that have not been burned and wait for the embers to go out. It is better not to put out the fire with water, but the important thing is to leave the fire well extinguished, so if we have to leave we will have to resort to that option.

The grill cleaning is another important issue. Taking advantage of the fact that it still has a temperature, we can use a metal scourer to leave each of the sheets as new. It is much easier to do it now than to find the dirt the next time we go to gather around the embers.

We have more tips and tricks for you

In addition to these 9 essential tricks to become the barbecue master, we have some extra tips to ensure the success of your next barbecue. Related to the preparation of sauces, garnishes and drinks. With them, you are assured of success.

Sauces for meat

Preparing homemade sauces is a good option to complement and enhance the flavor of roast meats. There are many side sauces that you can prepare. As we indicated a few days ago, talking about the 5 perfect sauces to surprise everyone on a barbecue, prepare our own meat sauces It is a magnificent way to dress a special day of meat and embers.

Other ingredients and dishes to prepare


A self-respecting barbecue master must anticipate that his guests will not want to eat only meat so he will have to worry about having prepared recipes for starters, salads, side dishes and other starters and appetizers, so that the menu is more varied and balanced. You also have to think about desserts so that everyone leaves with a good taste in their mouths without overindulging in meat and fat.

It is best to prepare an Andalusian gazpacho or a traditional Cordovan salmorejo for do not neglect the intake of greens and vegetables and make some simple salads that go well with the meat and don’t fill up too much. As desserts, we suggest a classic tiramisu or some cheese cakes.


Hydration is an important issue that we should not neglect since barbecues usually spend a lot of time outdoors and near the source of heat. This is also applicable to whoever works as a grill master Do not forget to drink plenty of water to avoid heat stroke.

It is important that in addition to beers, sangria and other products with alcohol, we do not forget to have plenty of water, juices or lemonades and other refreshing drinks available, especially if children are going to attend the barbecue.


Regarding wine, we leave you a recommendation of 24 wines of all styles, but with high scores for less than 10 euros.

With these 9 essential tricks to become the master of barbecues, all your friends and family will want to attend the ones you prepare or they will want to invite you to the ones they organize. Summer has only just begun. Enjoy the embers and if you have any extra tips, leave them in the comments.

Images | Michael Salazar | Jun Seita | Julien Dumont | Loozrboy | Adactio
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