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The 54 best spaghetti recipes from Directo al Paladar

24 mayo, 2021

The spaghetti or spaghetti are one of the most popular pasta formats all over the world, perhaps popularized by that mythical scene from ‘The Lady and the Tramp’. Their peculiar shape, elongated, thin and rounded, also makes them very attractive for children, they are fun to eat and at the same time have an elegant presentation on the table. They accept many different sauces, but some of the more classic ones are especially good, such as carbonara, pesto or a basic tomato.

Most of the recipes that we have selected in this compilation can also be made with other varieties of long pasta such as noodles and tagliatelle, pappardelle, spaghettoni, fettuccini or the hollow ones inside, such as bucatini.

White wheat semolina spaghetti


They are the most common and the ones we find in all houses. With them we have prepared many interesting recipes with classic sauces or other very different ones like the one in these spaghetti with old-fashioned mustard béchamel and bacon.

The most classic spaghetti recipes


If there are some classic recipes To make with spaghetti, I think we would all think of spaghetti with bolognese sauce or spaghetti with carbonara sauce as first options. We are talking, of course, about the traditional and original carbonara, without cream, with its emulsion of egg yolk, pecorino cheese and guanciale or bacon. Although we do not fault the popular false carbonara with liquid cream, which, well prepared, is very rich, or a curious version with avocado.

Don’t use bacon; look for the real thing guanciale Italian, with the pork dewlap, or use a good fresh bacon instead, removing the skin. Cut it in small pieces and fry those bits until they start to brown.

Beat the 3 yolks with the egg and freshly grated pecorino cheese until smooth. mix something thick. Give it a few hints of black pepper. Meanwhile, put the pasta to cook in plenty of salted water, and take it out when there are a couple of minutes to cook. al dente.

In the pan where we had reserved the bacon, we will add the drained pasta to which we add the mixture of eggs, cheese and pepper, mixing well. We also add a ladle of the cooking water for the pasta.

We stir while the different ingredients are being integrated and a kind of sauce when slightly curdled the egg with the hot cooking broth. Serve sprinkling with a little more pecorino and ground pepper.

White spaghetti recipes with meat sauces

Meat is a very common ingredient in pasta recipes and ragout sauces bolognese and others like it go very well with this long pasta. In general they are powerful flavors, which lend themselves to spicy and spicy touches, with great intensity or sauces stewed over low heat.


We have made spaghetti with meatballs, the classic American-style spaghetti meatballs, or we have also cooked spaghetti with beef and aubergine or some with pork meatballs and crispy bacon, very tasty. The meat can be the common thread of other ingredients in the sauce, such as in some original and tasty spaghetti with meat curry, which we liked so much when we published them.

Spaghetti recipes with seafood

Tomato Prawns

The seafood or frutti di mare They are common ingredients in Italian recipes and that is why it is common to find recipes for spaghetti a le vongole (with clams) and other seafood, depending on the region and season. Seafood makes a great combination with this particular type of long pasta.

Spaghetti recipes with vegetarian sauces

Sugo Finto

Sometimes a good tomato sauce is the key to a foolproof recipe. So are these spaghetti with creamy tomato sauce, or the use of ingredients such as nuts or melted cheese can give them a special touch as in the case of spaghetti with provolone and walnuts. There are many vegetarian or vegan recipes that will make even meat lovers forget that they are eating only plant products.

1 Cauliflower

Recipes with black spaghetti

Nero di sepia

The black pasta or pasta al nero di sepia It is a variety of pasta to which squid ink is added to give it a characteristic black color. Black pasta is often used for combinations with fish and shellfish, due to the harmony of flavors and the contrast of color.

Other formats of spaghetti recipes


The spaghetti can be presented in other original ways as in this recipe for spaghetti nests with Burgos cheese and minced meat, presented in ration spoons and ideal for an aperitif, or as a refreshing salad using the integral version, in the Greek style but with Aragonese product.

The recipe for spaghetti omelette with tomatoes and capers or the version in frittata carbonara is also out of the ordinary, and it was an original way to take advantage of some leftovers or the curious spaghetti al papillote, which I they surprised a few years ago when we publish the recipe. And we cannot forget the curious recipe with a Japanese touch of Neapolitan spaghetti with ketchup, or the garlic sauce, toasted panko, Parmesan and anchovies.


With this exhaustive selection of our recipes with this ingredient, there is no excuse to continue making the usual recipe. Encourage us to try other our best recipes with spaghetti and you will be surprised how much they like at home. You will tell us what your favorite recipes have been or the ones that have surprised you the most.

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