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the 5 most searched on the Internet and their easiest and most delicious recipes

24 mayo, 2021

Gone are the times when gazpachos such as beets, cherries, carrots and others caused us surprise. Anything other than the traditional Andalusian gazpacho, with its tomato, cucumber, garlic, green pepper, bread, salt, vinegar and oil, was suspect. However (and fortunately) we have opened minds and incorporated into our repertoires some wildly delicious mixes. They confirm it to us the five most searched gazpachos on the Internet, that we teach you to prepare with your easiest and most delicious recipes.

The best way to stay hydrated and nourished in summer is a good gazpacho. Many of us know this and in our refrigerators there is always a bottle ready to be swallowed. Especially the watermelon gazpacho, which is the one that occupies the first place in the ránkin, followed by the traditional one, the melon, the cherry and the beet. Let’s see how to prepare the five most wanted gazpachos on the Internet. You think?

GAZPACHO our favorite RECIPE so that it always comes out delicious

1. Watermelon gazpacho

We are not surprised that the watermelon gazpacho is the most popular, as it is our favorite. It is perfect for those who are not especially friends with gazpacho, as it is soft and enters without feeling. The watermelon gives it a very light sweet touch without changing the essence of the traditional gazpacho in excess. Marvelous.

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  • Ingredients for four people: 250 g of watermelon (peeled and seeded), 250 g of ripe tomato, 1 green Italian pepper, 1 clove of garlic, 100 g of stale bread, water, salt, 15 ml of Modena vinegar and 30 ml of olive oil extra virgin.

  • Elaboration: We chop the bread and hydrate it in a bowl with cold water for 10 minutes. Meanwhile we wash the tomatoes and remove the hard part. We wash the pepper and remove the head and seeds. We cut both into regular pieces. We peel the garlic clove and remove the germ. We put it in the glass of a blender along with the tomato, the pepper, the well-drained bread, the ginned watermelon and the vinegar. Blend, taste the point and season to taste. Add the extra virgin olive oil and blend again, this time at maximum power for about five minutes. This step is important because we want the oil to emulsify with the crushed mixture and give it a creamy texture. We check the thickness and texture. If we want it more liquid, we add water to taste. If it has remains of skins, etc., we pass it through a fine sieve. When it is to our liking, we put the gazpacho in the fridge and let it cool down well before serving.

2. Traditional gazpacho

The king of summer and the one that many of us have seen daily in our homes. There was no day that our mothers did not make traditional gazpacho. We drank it like it was water. Over time it has evolved and there is no better example of it than the varieties that we find in this post, not to mention the many other recipes that we have to our credit.

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  • Ingredients for six people: 1 k of pear tomato, 1 green Italian pepper, 1 cucumber, 2 cloves of garlic, 250 ml of extra virgin olive oil, 50 h of stale loaf bread, 250 ml of cold water (from the fridge), 5 g of salt and 50 ml of sherry vinegar.

  • Elaboration: We chop all the ingredients and put them in the glass of a mixer or Turmix. Add the oil, water and vinegar and blend. We pass the resulting gazpacho through a fine strainer, pressing with a ladle so that a cream without skins or seeds remains and we put it in the fridge for a couple of hours so that it cools well before serving.

3. Melon gazpacho

One of the most surprising is the melon gazpacho (or cold soup, whatever we want to call it). Sweet, full of contrasts and very refreshing. We can serve it as a starter, as an aperitif, in a small format, or as a shot between courses, to cleanse the palate. A few cubes of ham as a garnish make it the melon with ham of all life, but in a soup version.

Cantaloupe Gazpacho
  • Ingredients for two people: 375 g of melon (whole weight), 1 small or medium large clove of garlic, 50 g of chives, 30 g of Italian green pepper, 50 g of cucumber, 50 g of sliced ​​bread (about half a slice), 30 ml of extra virgin olive oil, salt and ground white pepper.

  • Elaboration: We peel the garlic clove and remove the germ so that its flavor is smoother. We can use only half and test the result before adding the whole garlic clove. The balance of flavors in this gazpacho is very important. Peel the chives and cut into quarters. We wash the pepper and cut into large pieces. We peel the cucumber and remove the seeds. Peel and cut the melon into large pieces and also the sliced ​​bread. We introduce all the ingredients in the glass of a blender, season and blend. Add the extra virgin olive oil and blend for a couple of minutes at maximum power to emulsify. We serve very cold and accompanied by some ham, blue cheese or crumbled feta tacos or the garnish that we want.

4. Cherry gazpacho

Taking advantage of the fact that we are still in season, we prepare this visual cherry gazpacho. We can take it as indicated in the recipe or accompany it with a garnish of cheese and anchovies, which feel great. The contrast of flavors and textures is tremendous. Do not stop trying either of the two.

Cherry Gazpacho
  • Ingredients for four people: 500 g of pear tomatoes, 250 g of cherries, 50 g of red peppers, 50 g of onion, 20 ml of sherry vinegar, 50 ml of extra virgin olive oil and 200 ml of water (approx.).

  • Elaboration: We clean all the vegetables and chop them. In a blender glass we blend everything together. We add the vinegar and oil. We finish grinding and mixing. If we have used a powerful food processor and we obtain a smooth texture, we can only store it in the fridge until serving time. If this is not the case, we pass the gazpacho through a Chinese before putting it away. We serve very cool.

5. Beet gazpacho

If the cherry gazpacho is eye-catching, the beet gazpacho can’t stop looking. In addition to being visual, it is tasty and refreshing, with a strong point of ginger that differentiates it from any other. It can be adjusted to everyone’s taste, playing with the ingredients and their quantities. It is delicious with a few pieces of blue or fresh cheese, some pine nuts and a teaspoon of crispy fried onion.

Beetroot gazpacho
  • Ingredients for two people: 2 cooked beets, 80 g of extra virgin olive oil, 10 g of sherry vinegar, 200 ml of water, 1 clove of garlic, 20-40 g of fresh ginger and salt.

  • Elaboration: We chop the beets (watch out, they stain a lot so you might want to wear gloves) and put them in the glass of an American blender or other powerful food processor. We peel the garlic clove and add it. We do the same with the vinegar and water, which we pour into the blender glass. Next we peel the ginger and chop. We add it to the previous ingredients and season. We beat at maximum power for the time necessary so that the ingredients are well mixed. Pour in the oil, mix at low speed and serve immediately, decorating with the pieces that we like the most.

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