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The 38 best mushroom recipes from Directo al Paladar

21 mayo, 2021

Perhaps the mushroom is the most widely consumed variety of mushrooms in the world. Both white mushrooms, portobello mushrooms and others like them are grown in many countries –Spain is the third largest mushroom producing country in Europe after Holland and France– and there are many recipes in which we include this ingredient.

To honor this accessible ingredient, we have prepared this compilation with the 38 best mushroom recipes from Directo al Paladar, in the confidence that they will inspire you when you want to cook with these mushrooms.

It is a very versatile product, suitable for eating both in stir-fry, as an ingredient in sauces, as a garnish, or as a main dish, and that it is rich both with meat and fish, as well as in vegetarian recipes. Being such an easy food to cook and so cheap, we are sure that you will use this post with our best recipes with mushrooms, to include many of them in your regular cookbook.

The best garlic mushroom recipe

Garlic Mushrooms

If there is a recipe for mushrooms par excellence in Spain, that is the mushrooms with garlic. This cap It is found in most bars in Spain, but it is not always as rich as it should be. Following these instructions will always be juicy and tasty.

We will start by brushing the mushrooms well and placing them in a bowl with cold water and the lemon juice. They wash well and dry very quickly with a clean dish towel. We chop them if they are large or we cut them down as if it is the small caliber mushroom. On the other hand, we put a thick-bottomed casserole on the fire or better yet a clay casserole, with the oil and the sliced ​​or minced garlic. We brown them very lightly and add the mushrooms and salt and if you like them with a slight spicy flavor, a cayenne chilli, if not, dispense with it. We put on medium heat for 10 minutes and when time passes we raise the heat to high and let them cook for five more minutes, stirring so that the mushrooms cook equally. Serve very hot, sprinkled with parsley.

Snacking recipes

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Mushrooms are very easy to use in quick snacking recipes. A good example of this are the vegan mushroom and walnut pâté recipes, or my favorite, the mushroom pâté with thyme and Marsala wine.

Also ideal are pickled mushrooms, which are made in five minutes and last up to 10 days in good condition, or crispy baked mushrooms, which serve as a snack or garnish.

Leek Mushroom

If what you like are the stuffed mushrooms, nothing like accompanying them with leek and blue cheese, minced meat and cheese or minced meat and blue cheese.

Finally, we cannot forget another recurring tapa, such as breaded mushrooms, crispy on the outside and full of juice when you take the first bite. You will not forget this recipe either.

Garnishes with mushrooms

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There are many mushroom recipes, such as this Broccoli Mushroom Gratin, that They can serve as a garnish for a main dish or as a single dish when we want to have a light lunch or dinner. The same happens with other stir-fry recipes such as vegetables and eels, in which the presence of the mushroom adds an extra flavor to the dish.

Other great stir fries They are the green beans with mushrooms or the gratin mushrooms with a touch of thyme and lemon, which are great for accompany fish, white meat and chicken recipes.

The mushroom as the protagonist

1366 2000 1

Both the recipe for marinated mushrooms with whose photo we head this compilation and the recipe for the mushroom and spinach strudel that you have on these lines, are recipes in which the mushroom takes center stage as the main ingredient of the recipe.

The same happens with this recipe for squid stuffed with mushrooms, in which the filling is almost more important than the container, forming an inseparable set, full of flavor. If you want them on a skewer, you will also love the balsamic portobello mushrooms, a vegetarian recipe that everyone will like.

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Mushrooms can also be protagonists of stews, as in this exquisite mushroom and textured soy bourguignon, a vegan alternative to the classic French meat dish.

And, needless to say, that mushrooms are very good in vegetable paellas and other recipes for rice such as this one with Iberian feather and mushrooms, in salty cakes and cakes such as mushroom and ricotta cake, providing their particular texture and flavor and not to mention how rich they are cooked and crushed forming a cream like mushrooms and leeks with ginger, with an incredible aroma.

Meat recipes with mushrooms

1366 2000 5

The beef strogonoff or the rabbit stew with mushrooms in wine are meat recipes in which the mushrooms are not a mere garnish but an important part of the recipe. The same happens when we mix the mushrooms with meat to make fillings in empanadas or in this ideal recipe for family gatherings, the terrine of mushrooms and veal with walnuts, a tasty combination that you have to try.

1366 2000 6

In a similar way it happens with roast chicken with mushrooms, shallots and grapes in which mushrooms add flavor and texture to the whole, or with the recipe for Iberian prey in oyster sauce with mushrooms, whose flavor you will not be able to forget as soon as you taste it. They also work very well in stews like black pudding braised in red wine.

Pasta and pizza recipes

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Mushrooms are a very common ingredient in Italian recipes for both pasta and pizza. A good example is spaghetti with creamy mushroom and garlic sauce, an inexpensive recipe full of flavor that you are sure to love. We have also used them in this recipe for tagliatelle with mushrooms and basil pesto

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Passed through the oven, the mushrooms are delicious. In this mushroom and arugula pizza with ham, they add a touch of quality and flavor. The same happens with these mini-pizzas with bonito, cooked ham and mushrooms that are very simple and quick to prepare, or with the chicken, bacon and mushroom pizza, a classic for home-made dinners.

Other recipes with mushrooms

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I am convinced that you did not imagine the possibilities that this ingredient had until you had seen the 27 best mushroom recipes from Directo al Paladar. Which one did you want to prepare first? Do you want to propose us any of your recipes? We await your suggestions.

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