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The 33 best phrases of great chefs and gourmets about cooking

22 mayo, 2021

Has it ever happened to all of us that we want to throw in the towel at work or we curse the day we dedicate ourselves to the trade. We imagine that a sector as tough as the restaurant and hospitality industry will think about it even more.

That is why we have prepared this compilation with the 33 best quotes from great chefs and gourmets. To take a look when you need to regain your love of cooking.


The best inspirational quotes about cooking

Alain ducasse

Alain Ducasse Wikimedia Web

  • “Excellence is in the diversity and the way to progress is to know and compare the diversity of products, cultures and techniques “
  • “My passion is transmission of knowledge. That is to say: to train professional collaborators, to whom I give the position of chef or director “
  • “It is important not to confuse the kitchen-fusion with kitchen-confusion, which is what many chefs have done who have confined themselves to mixing nonsense … “
  • “My goal is to preserve the difference: I would like to be the “anti-globalization chef”. I’m delighted to have influences, in favor of mixing, I love discovering kitchens, but I don’t think you have to create a unique model. The real danger is the unification of the kitchen and of the thought “
  • “Genius without the foundation of a product makes no sense. But the creativity, if there is no projectIt also has no reason to be. “

Ferran Adria

Adria Facebook
  • “Creativity is easy, the difficult thing is to have the idea
  • “People said “You do very strange things” and I answered them “I dedicate myself to creativity”. Sometimes we have wanted to explain avant-garde cuisine too much when perhaps it is very difficult to explain. Must be lived”
  • “The kitchen is a language through which harmony, happiness, beauty, poetry, complexity, magic, humor, provocation, culture can be expressed ”
  • “The kitchen is multisensory. The moment you taste a dish, the information that reaches the brain is impressive ”
  • “The cooking techniques, both classic and modern, are a heritage that the chef should know how to make the most of ”
  • “Creativity does not come in minutes or hours: creativity arrives at the moment it has to arrive “

Gaston Acurio

  • “The Egg magic in ten moves: One gesture, passed. Two gestures, hard. Three, poche. Four, fried. Five, scrambled. Six, omelette. Seven, omelette. Eight, meringue. Nine, mayonnaise. Ten, souffle. Of all the ingredients in the world, only the egg is capable of giving so much for so little ”
  • Do things, move forward. With the sword of your conscience in one hand, with the shields of honor in the other. In the end it does not matter if it is the glory or the bonfire that awaits you. The important thing is just that. Do things, move forward ”
  • Cook’s dilemma: The sad poet writes poems and makes you cry. The sad painter paints pictures and manages to move you. The sad musician composes songs and makes you sing. The sad chef … is forbidden to cook ”
  • “Sundays, everything is richer
  • Being a cook is a great honor. Call yourself “chef”, a small huachafería ”

Grimod de La Reynière

Grimod reynard

  • “The sybaritism gastronomic, together with intelligence contributes to making men kind ”
  • “The dessert has to be spectacular, because it comes when the gourmet is no longer hungry ”
  • “A host who does not know how to carve and serve is like the owner of a magnificent library who does not know how to read”
  • “A stupid person never and nowhere behaves more foolishly than at the table, while a person with sharp wit he has the best opportunity at the table to show off his faculties ”
  • “The virtue of the true gourmand it consists of never eating more than you can safely digest and not drinking more than you can bear with full conscience ”

Pedro Subijana

  • “Proximity products seem good to me: I buy from landladies in the area all my life and I have neighbors who provide me with vegetables, but I don’t like to limit myself. If I have to bring a mushroom from China, I bring it from China
  • “I think the experience consists of always go one step further of what at that moment you think is the best “
  • “I was going to study medicine and, indeed, I have many medical friends. As a joke I usually say” I, at least, I have decided to kill them with pleasure, not like you … ”
  • “When customers know the precise techniques to make haute cuisine they value and enjoy the dishes we serve them much more ”
  • “There is a phrase from the Michelin Guide that defines the restaurants awarded with the three Stars:”Worth the trip
Joan Roca Celler Can Roca Facebook

Joan Roca

  • “We have become Our passion in our profession ”
  • “The modern kitchen is a cooks kitchen and not so much of territories. We invent new worlds ”
  • “The waiters are happiness sellers
  • “I am not satisfied with feeding: I want to create emotions
  • “Yes, the cooks we are overrated. There are people who do things much more important to society than we do “
  • “The kitchen has to be porous to migrations, flows, movements, to the cooks who travel”
  • “The cooking is for fun: a cultural fact and, also, a playful space where to play and interpret ”

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