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The 31 recipes to learn before becoming independent

22 mayo, 2021

We know that nowadays young people take more and more time to become independent, in fact we are among the Europeans who take the longest to leave the parental home. But that day ends up coming for all of us and confronts us with the reality of simple daily tasks, including cooking. Are you planning to live on your own but the stove is not your thing? These are the 31 recipes you have to learn before becoming independent. Once you have mastered the basic techniques and steps, it will not cost you anything to increase your recipe book little by little.

The kitchen is still a pending subject for many, especially the most homemade dishes, those of the day to day. When you become independent, you can survive at the beginning based on daily menus, precooked meals and home delivery, but there is a limit to everything. Our mother can give us some lunch boxes with her delicacies from time to time, but we should start cooking on our own soon, establishing some routines. You can learn this selection of basic recipes in a month to organize your complete menus.

1. Homemade tomato sauce


It’s tempting to just use commercial sauces, and there are some great ones, but no home should be without homemade ketchup. It is easy to prepare and can be kept for many days in the fridge or longer in the freezer. That is why it is worth spending a while to cook a good amount to have reserves for a while.

The taste of homemade tomato sauce has nothing to do with a supermarket bought, and it serves us for a thousand things. It can accompany meat and fish dishes, be combined with vegetables, enrich stews and soups, or we can enjoy it with pasta or cooked rice. Delicious also with potatoes, it can even be spicy. When you master the recipe, you will be making your own version, adjusting the amount of ingredients to taste.

2. Huerta soup

Huertana Soup

Soups are must-have battle dishes in any home kitchen. They are more appetizing in winter but are so nutritious and comforting that it is worth it enjoy soups all year. A good recipe to have on hand is the Huerta soup, so called because the protagonists are the vegetables and garden vegetables, such as the leek, the potato, the carrot or the turnip.

It is a basic recipe because by itself it is already a luxury of dish, despite its humility, great to serve as a first course or as a light but filling dinner. It can also be varied by adapting the vegetables of each season or enriching it with a little more substance, as for example with the classic variant of homemade chicken soup. A few noodles and a bit of poultry make it a very complete dish.

3. Minestrone soup

Minestrone soup

It is certainly a dish essential in Italian cuisine of which there are many versions. My mother cooks her own recipe all year round, and it is a very complete, easy and delicious dish. In this minestrone soup recipe we combine seasonal vegetables with white beans and short pasta in a spoon dish that deserves more recognition than it usually gets.

Satiating, nutritious and also suitable for vegetarians if we use vegetable broth, this soup can be made more filling in the cold months or lighter when the heat is on. The final touch of grated Parmesan cheese adds the final icing on a recipe that will become a staple of your regular repertoire.

4. Cream of zucchini and carrot curry

Cream of zucchini and carrot curry

The vegetable creams they are for me essential in everyday menus. How unhappy I was when as a child I pouted my mother’s creams, until one day I decided to try the zucchini cream and I was converted forever. There are a thousand different options, but I especially like the curried zucchini and carrot cream because it gives a different touch to the most typical recipe, and because it is delicious.

There are those who still have a dislike for the color green in spoon dishes, so combining zucchini with carrots and curry spices we get a much more appetizing orange tone. You can make it more or less spicy and adjust the texture to taste, although I have always liked it thicker and creamier. Warm feels wonderful and warm also tastes very good, it is perfect for the whole year.

5. Chicken and ham croquettes


No one will make croquettes better than your mother, but you don’t have to depend on her lunch boxes for life if you want to enjoy this classic from our kitchen. Learn to master nail technique perfect croquettes And you can show off when you have visitors at home, and nothing better than practicing with the recipe for chicken and ham croquettes by Franis Paniego.

The chef is a recognized master of croquettes and his recipe is infallible to achieve that creamy and smooth texture on the inside, with a thin and crunchy batter, not greasy, on the outside. The same technique can be applied to fish, seafood, cheese or chorizo ​​croquettes, there are a thousand options to try.

6. Potato omelette with onion


We continue with another dish that is surely essential for many in any recipe book, the potato omelette with onion. Or without onion, we will not enter into the eternal discussion, the important thing is to find our perfect spanish omelette recipe in which to trust whenever we need it.

And it is that a good homemade tortilla, more or less juicy, thin or chubby, comes in handy on almost any occasion. To start a meal, for dinner with a little tomato sauce and bread, as an aperitif or lunch, for a snack dinner with friends, to take away or to prepare sandwiches … I said, no home without your tortilla recipe of patatos.

7 Ratatouille or vegetable ratatouille


We went to France with one of its classic dishes, the ratatouille, which is nothing more than a version of our pisto. There are also as many ratatouille recipes as there are families -or almost-, with their regional variants, but the important thing is that it is a fabulous vegetable dish that can be combined in a thousand ways throughout the year.

Some people add a lot of tomato, others dispense with the aubergine or zucchini, you can add pumpkin, leave the vegetables whole or almost undone. To me I like to make industrial quantities When I get down to it, I freeze some of it and have leftovers for the whole week. In summer it is very good served cold and it goes very well with meat, fish and eggs.

8. Meatballs in Spanish sauce


The meatballs like young and old, they can also be frozen without problems and are ideal to take to work in the pan. In this recipe for baked meatballs in Spanish sauce, we also save frying, making them lighter and avoiding the hassle of frying that is always a bit lazy.

The Spanish sauce is another staple of the traditional cookbooks that does not keep any mystery. Simple ingredients are required to prepare a thick sauce that dresses the meatballs wonderfully and that will make us wet bread. They can be completed with potatoes or rice to make this recipe one of the most complete dishes.

9. La Rioja potatoes

Potatoes Riojana's style

La Riojan potatoes are a usual daily dish in the north of Spain, but they have also won over diners from other regions. My mother actually prepares them in a vegetarian version without the chorizo, although for many that is little more than sacrilege.

Potatoes, chorizo, green pepper, chorizo ​​peppers, onion, paprika … It is undoubtedly a humble dish, but tremendously comforting and satiating. Depending on the recipe, you can add garlic and chilli, more or less sausage or be more or less soupy. It is convenient to prepare them the same day or just the day before, and always letting the stew rest a little before tasting it.

10. Stewed lentils


We already fully entered the legumes section, a staple of our diet that we should never forget when we become independent and start cooking. Lentils are usually the first choice when one begins on the stove, and they should not scare even the most novice because preparing classic stewed lentils is easier than is usually believed.

Each house is given its special touch and each region contributes its local personality, but in any case we prefer to recommend a lighter recipe than what is associated with a plantain of lentils. Today no need to load them with fat and sausagesThis way we will have a very healthy and complete dish that we can cook often without problems.

11. Stewed beans


Beans, beans, kidney beans… there are many names for them and many variants, from the simple white to the pinto, the black or the large beans. Good stewed beans are always appreciated by hungry stomachs, in this case also prepared in a quick cooker.

The recipe uses caricos, a Cantabrian red variety, but any other similar seasonal beans will serve us. It is a simple dish with vegetables that are shredded apart to give consistency to the stew, leaving a sauce that is for dipping bread. If we want to make it more complete, just add a handful of rice and some meat.

12. Stewed chickpeas

Stewed chickpeas

Chickpeas complete the trio of our most traditional legumes, in this case with a very simple recipe for stewed chickpeas. Another dish great to go or freeze, which can be used to start the menu or as a complete meal if we serve a good portion well accompanied.

The recipe is prepared in a short time if we already have the chickpeas cooked, so it is not a sacrilege to have some in the pantry canned legume jars, as long as it is of quality and without strange added ingredients. In summer they are also very good to make well-rounded vegetable salads, as they combine wonderfully with almost everything.

13. Pork stew with vegetable stew

Pork Stew

The lean pork it is just as valid as the classic veal for cooking stews like this braised pork with vegetable stew. It is the type of simple recipes that will be a success if we bet on ingredients of true quality, such as wine that plays a great role in the sauce.

14. Beef with peas and carrots

Veal with peas

Also a lifetime is the recipe for veal with peas and carrots, a good way to combine quality meat with vegetables, which we can use frozen if they are good, or bet on fresh produce if we are in season. We are before another stew of those who gain in flavor past …