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The 31 best recipes with prawns from Directo al Paladar

21 mayo, 2021

Today we have prepared a selection with the 31 best recipes with prawns from Directo al Paladar that will surely come in handy for when you want to gift your family with one of them. They are all so tasty and appetizing, so we are sure that what is going to cost you the most is deciding which one to do first.

The prawn is a very versatile ingredient, that we find all year round and we can use both in classic recipes and in other more storied preparations, without forgetting that we also love to use them in stews, soups, pasta and rice recipes, accompanying fish and, of course, simply cooked or cooked in the iron


1. Cooked prawns


Although prawns can be incorporated in many recipes, such as the ones that we will recommend below, many times we like to eat them cooked, accompanied only by a good mayonnaise or pink sauce.

The cooked prawn platter is mandatory in many homes for Christmas, but we don’t always take proper care of it. All you need to do is follow a simple technique, which we learned from maestro Quique Dacosta, to make truly appetizing cooked prawns. If you have a circulator to cook at low temperature, you can also follow this other technique.

To cook the prawns well it is important to use a large pot, which leaves the Enough space for them to move during cooking. We fill it with three liters of water and add 100 grams of salt. We put the pot on the fire and bring to a boil.

While this is happening we prepare a large container with another three liters of water and 100 grams of salt. We stir to dissolve the salt as much as possible and we add a good amount of ice. The idea is to obtain an icy salty water in which quickly cut the seafood cooking so don’t skimp on ice cubes.

When the water in the pot is boiling, add the shellfish, turn off the heat, cover and count two and a half minutes for the prawns and between a minute and one and a half for the prawns. The exact amount of time will depend on the size of the parts, but these guidelines will usually work for most. An important note is do not cook large quantities of prawns at the same time, it is not advisable to crowd the bugs or lower the water temperature too much. Between 10 and 12 is adequate. If we have a lot to cook, we do it in batches and we always wait until the water is boiling before adding the next one.

Remove the prawns or prawns immediately with a slotted spoon and submerge them in the container with iced salt water. After five minutes of cooling we can remove them and transfer them to a colander or plate with kitchen paper to dry.

2. Crispy prawn and mushroom rolls

Prawn rolls

These crispy prawn and mushroom rolls have a vegetable bed with seafood full of flavor, and that you can tune by changing the prawn for shrimp, Norway lobster or lobster or even for crumbled spider crab meat. The possibilities are many and the work little for what they will look like on the table.

3. Prawn pie and confit onion

1366 2000

Look, we like empanadas, tuna, sardines, meat … and of course, how could we not prepare a prawn empanada with onion as rich as this one that María José taught us to do with and without Thermomix.

4. Prawn and tomato jambalaya


Jambalaya is a very typical dish of Cajun gastronomy, in which rice is mixed with meat or fish and vegetables. This version, with prawns and tomato, does not include meat, is a little lighter and is, in short, a perfect dish to eat well without complications, it is very complete and leaves you more than satisfied.

5. Prawns in salad

1366 2000 2

With some avocados, some prawns and some grapefruit wedges, Esther He did not teach how to prepare a wonderful summer salad with prawns, which we have often repeated at home. A delicious way to enjoy this delicious seafood.

6. Vegetable and prawn rolls

This is one of those recipes that they do not involve any cooking in which you just have to cut the ingredients, place inside a hydrated rice wafer, roll up and ready to eat! This combination of vegetables and prawns is delicious, but the one you make will be equally delicious. You can use rice noodles, as is done with Vietnamese rolls, lettuce, cooked chicken, coriander, mint or other herbs. Imagination to the power.

7. Prawns with avocado, mango and cheese in small glasses

1366 2000 2

These little glasses of prawns and avocado with cheese and mango have given me a lot of joy because everyone who tries them is delighted. The different textures and flavors combine wonderfully and they are a simple snack ideal for dinners with friends or informal snacks.

8. Prawns with whiskey

1366 2000 1

These prawns with whiskey are very original, a tasty stew in which the flavor of the whiskey remains present, after evaporating its alcohol, adding a taste of wood to the sauce that will ask you for bread in abundance.

9. Pan of prawns and clams

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A step through the pan, in combination with some clams and some mushrooms and we have this delicious ready seafood pan perfect for aperitif time, which will delight everyone who tries it. Here is the recipe to make it perfect for you.

10. Avocados stuffed with spicy prawns

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The spicy touch that Philippe also manages, does not even match this recipe for avocados stuffed with prawns, which despite being a salad, it is so complete that we have craved it as a single dish more than once. Are you really wanting to try it?

11. Soupy rice with prawns

Soupy Rice Prawns

If you like rice dishes, you will love this rice with prawns, which is an inexpensive, simple and flavorful recipe. The secret of this dish is to calculate the ratio of rice and broth well, so that it is a spoon dish, but not a soup. With that broth made with the heads of the prawns themselves, the taste is unforgettable.

12. Amorelli with prawns

1366 2000 5

The first time I saw this variety of pasta in the supermarket, I was already in love with its shape. After preparing them in this prawn pasta recipe, making the sauce with a cream made with their heads, I finished convincing myself forever. You have to try this recipe, with this one or with another pasta that you like.

13. Prawns with vodka with spaghetti

1366 2000 7

When you try this recipe for spaghetti with vodka with prawns, you will fall in love with that combination of ingredients. Do not worry about the alcohol that evaporates during cooking.

14. Spicy spaghetti with prawns

1366 2000 8

If you liked the previous ones with vodka, you will also love these spicy spaghetti with prawns, cherry tomatoes and whiskey. Ideal for large gatherings of family or friends, pasta recipes like this one always come in handy, since with just a few ingredients, we can solve the ballot successfully.

15. Noodles with prawns

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In this oriental-inspired recipe, we use another variety of pasta, noodles, to prepare a simple and delicious recipe, full of vegetables and with a touch of soy. Here is the recipe to prepare this prawn recipe at home.

16. Prawn ceviche with mandarins

1366 2000 3

Ceviches are not always prepared with lime or lemon juice, since they can also be prepared with the juice of other citrus fruits. With a very special freshness, this prawn ceviche with mandarins, you are going to love it.

17. Prawn bisque

1366 2000 5

A cream, slightly thick and with all the flavor of prawns, is this recipe, great for Christmas celebrations. The prawn bisque is simple and very tasty, and like other seafood creams, it has that unmistakable comforting effect that we like so much.

18. Cream of roasted prawns

1366 2000 4

As with broths, if the ingredients to make them are roasted first, the intensity of the flavor is much higher. This is how my partner Esther did to prepare a delicious cream of roasted prawns, to which he gave the touch with some caviar roe. You have the recipe here.

19. Thai prawn cream

1366 2000 6

What a good idea mix a cream of prawns with coconut milk and prepare this wonderful Thai prawn cream, with so many exotic flavor notes, that we can make with the Thermomix or with traditional fires …

20. Carrot cream with prawns

1366 2000 8

This time, prawns act like tripe for a light carrot cream, providing texture and flavor. A good idea that I recommend you try, following this simple and tasty recipe so that you have a very appetizing cream.

21. Spaghetti with prawns and pak choi

1366 2000 9

This other prawn and pasta recipe combines the sautéed vegetables from oriental recipes with pasta and seafood. Surely you have already done it following this recipe of Liliana but if not, here you have it explained step by step.

22. Prawns with curried peanut butter

1366 2000 6

This recipe also has a clear oriental influence and is really delicious. The explosion of flavors when tasting each bite is impressive. If you have never dared to try these types of recipes, these prawns with curried peanut butter will surprise you very pleasantly. Plus, they are so easy to do …

23. Spaghetti with Mexican prawns

1366 2000 11

We continue with pasta recipes with prawns, but this time with the version “to the Mexican“How well has our partner explained to us Philippe in this recipe. If you like spicy pasta, this recipe is very simple and very tasty.

24. Hake in cava with prawns

1366 2000 12

Prawns are great to accompany fish recipes. I have often used them in dishes with monkfish, sea bass and other fish. In this recipe, the hake stewed in cava is combined with the prawns and the result – it is obvious – is unbeatable.

25. Beans with prawns

1366 2000 10

Although in our country we are more used to making legume recipes using sausages and pork sausage, the truth is that beans with prawns are always a good option. What’s more with this recipe that is prepared in 15 minutes, no apology …