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The 28 best crêpes recipes to celebrate Candlemas Day like the French do

24 mayo, 2021

La Candelaria It is a feast that is celebrated every February 2 to commemorate the presentation of Jesus in the temple. Like all fastos, it is associated with different gastronomic customs: in many towns in Andalusia bonfires are lit that are used to grill meat on the grill, in Mexico they eat tamales and in France, one of the places where it is most celebrated, is the day of making crêpes.

Although today is a Catholic festival, the celebration of Candelaria has, like almost all, pagan origins and was associated with peasant beliefs. It was said that if crêpes were not made on Candlemas day to use the leftover wheat before the new harvests, it would rot.

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As explained to us Françoise Vielcazat, Veteran French teacher living in Spain, tradition calls for turning the first crêpe by holding the handle of the pan with a gold coin. It is for this reason that many French families keep a golden Louis or Napoleon that is passed from generation to generation. This first crêpe is not eatenInstead, it is placed on top of a cupboard –placing or projecting with the frying pan, as Vielcazat does– until next year, as it brings good luck.


Basic crêpes dough

Esoteric customs aside, today is a good day like any other to start making crêpes, a much simpler elaboration than it seems. The beauty of this traditional French dish, with its variations in different countries, is that it starts from a very basic but tremendously versatile recipe. We can make them to taste, adjusting the size, thickness and playing with ingredients and aromas. Breakfast, lunch, dessert, snack or dinner, sweet or savory; the possibilities are almost endless and the limit is only set by our imagination. Once the basic dough is mastered, you will no longer want to stop making them. And, as you will see, it is very simple.

  • Ingredients for 8 units: 2 eggs, 110 g of pastry flour, 240 ml of milk, 15 ml of sugar (if we are going to make sweet crêpes), 2 g of salt, lemon zest to taste, vanilla essence to taste, butter or sunflower oil .

  • Elaboration: The crêpe dough can be prepared with a wire mixer or in the glass of a mixer used for smoothies. With ordinary manual rods they also work out. It is best to prepare the dough in a large jug so that it can be poured directly into the pan later; it is much more practical. Arrange the eggs in the container that we use and add the milk, salt, sugar, lemon zest or vanilla -if we use it- and beat well. Add the sifted flour and beat vigorously until smooth. Cover and let it rest for at least 30 minutes – better one hour – in the fridge if it is hot or we let it spend more time. Grease a good non-stick pan or crepe pan with neutral oil or melted butter. A good trick is to use half a potato for this, which we use to grease the pan without going overboard. Heat until it reaches a good temperature. Pour a portion of dough into the center (about 60 ml), holding the pan off the heat with the other hand, and turn quickly to spread it over the entire surface. Lower the temperature a little and cook for a minute or two, until the edges are browned and peel off. Turn with a fine spatula, taking care not to break the dough, and brown for half a minute or one more minute on the other side. Remove to a plate and continue with the rest of the dough until finished. Keep covered with a clean cloth or plastic wrap to keep them warm and not dry out. If we have turned on the oven that day we can take advantage of the residual heat to keep them warm when serving.

Step Step Crepes

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The 28 best crêpes recipes

The crêpes can be filled with anything we have on hand, and They are delicious in a sweet or salty version. Here we leave you, however, the best recipes that we have been publishing during all these years.

Savory crêpes

Jamon Mushroom Crepe

This recipe for savory mushroom and ham crêpes with bechamel is ideal if we are going to make our entire menu revolve around crêpes. On the one hand we prepare the filling, on the other hand we make a pile of crêpes and then we fill and finish the ones we need for the diners.

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The chicken is an excellent filling for savory crêpes for its light flavor that goes so well with everything. Try the chicken, corn and leek crêpes, a very delicate combination or the roast chicken with tomato and emmental that you have in the photo.

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If you have a little more budget, or for special festivities such as Christmas, you can prepare these salty sirloin crêpes, with caramelized onion, a dish that the whole family will celebrate due to its texture and flavor.

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My dear’s crêpes of ham and provolone cheese do not disappoint either. Liliana, and that many dinners will solve you, so as not to always fall into the repeated mixed sandwich … where does it end up? What a difference right?

1366 2000 5

Another good idea is to use the crêpes to make exploitation recipes like these minced meat crêpes, which you can also make with leftover meatball preparations, bolognese sauce, filling for fajitas and burritos or any other mix of minced meat, tomato and vegetables.

1366 2000 2

If you want something original, try these asparagus and brie cheese crêpes, ideal for an elegant dinner, like the ones we did between the appointed dates and family Christmas banquets. In the same vein, we love the prawn and spinach crêpes with basil oil.

1366 2000 7

Finally, we love these gazpacho crêpes stuffed with ham, which Liliana surprised us with, and which we can recommend at home.

Original formats of savory crêpes

1366 2000 9

With crêpes we can do almost everything. From using them to make burritos replacing corn tortillas with crêpe dough, to making crêpe dough rolls filled with cheese and bresaola and cutting a kind of makis or even making cannelloni with crêpe dough. Are you not craving?.

Vegan Crepe

Although it is not the same, you can also make crêpe dough in a vegan version, using chickpea flour.

Sweet crêpes

1366 2000 8

It certainly made your mouth water with the recipe for these applesauce and salted caramel crêpes that she made Esther long time. I can only say one thing … try to make them that you are going to love it.

Sweet crêpes, from the classic crêpes suzzette to these crêpes with mascarpone and raspberry, are perfect to sweeten our lives, as a dessert, snack or breakfast. You also have to try these other crêpes with banana and apricot jam, ideal for a weekend breakfast.

1366 2000 10

For fast-paced cravingsI doubt between the Norman crêpes, stuffed with pippin apple, the crêpes filled with chocolate cream or nutella, an easy and quick dessert that never disappoints, and the crêpes filled with Catalan cream, with that crust of burnt sugar. Which one would you take right now?

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To surprise, Esther’s sweet sushi with crêpe dough, rice pudding and fruit filling, I find it original and perfect, even if it is laborious but the one that is undoubtedly my favorite is the one with dulce de leche and walnuts. Just looking at the photo I’m already licking myself.

They are not crêpes but they look alike

There are other preparations very ours like the pancakes, frixuelos or even pancakesAlthough they are not crêpes, they are similar in format, ingredients and even in presentations. We did not want to finish this compilation without remembering at least to name these recipes:

We hope this has been good for you compilation of 28 crêpe recipes to celebrate Candlemas day, plus tips and tricks for its preparation and conservation. Now we just need to know your opinion. Which ones have you wanted? Do you want to propose us any other recipe? We await your suggestions.

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