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The 27 best recipes for Italian dishes

22 mayo, 2021

Italian gastronomy is one of the most outstanding in the world, and also one of the largest followers, as it is usually to everyone’s taste. Composed of a great variety of influences and particularities of its different regions as well as the diversity of its history, its cuisine reflects an extensive cultural plurality.

It is included within the so-called Mediterranean cuisine and although it is very common for Italian gastronomy to be known for its most famous dishes, such as pizza or pasta, the truth is that it has many more dishes rich in different aromas, flavors and textures throughout the entire Italian territory.

Today we want to propose from Direct to the palate a walk through its gastronomy with the 27 best recipes for Italian dishes.


Italian gastronomy is rich and abundant, so Italians start their meal with the so-called antipasto, which means starter and serves as an aperitif before the main course. There are hot and cold ones. We propose the following:

  • Sicilian caponata: a delicious mixture of slowly braised vegetables in oil, perfect to take on a good toast of bread or as an accompaniment to other dishes.
  • Olive all´escolana: Considered in the Ascoli Piceno region where they are typical, a delicacy, its preparation is a ritual for Italians now also following our recipe you can enjoy at home.

  • Sicilian Arancine: This species of Rice croquettes, typical of Sicily have their origin in medieval dishes. Perfect as a recipe for use and thus enjoy a luxury aperitif.

  • Piedmontese salad: one simple potato salad, that allows variations to adapt it to our tastes, but that always solves a cold starter, ideal especially for the hottest times.


There are three soups that we want to highlight in Italian gastronomy. On the one hand, a very well-known one that you will surely have tried, the minestrone soup based on vegetables. Ideal to comfort the body.


Also a less known, but not less rich, the burrida ligure. A fish soup From the Liguria region which allows it to adapt to many varieties of fish, but is always delicious.

What if you want to take advantage of even the stale breadYour soup will undoubtedly be pappa al pomodoro, cold or hot, it is delicious as a spoon dish.

First courses

After warming up the body with a good soup, nothing better than to go to first course. Like good Mediterranean, Italians prepare many of their dishes with abundant greens and vegetables. An example would be melanzane alla parmigiana, a classic recipe ideal for using aubergines and that will remind us of a vegetable lasagna.


The zucchini with tomato and celery or zucchini al pomodoro are other of those Italian dishes that are perfect as a vegetarian option on their own or as a garnish for carnivores.

Directly from the Liguria region we also bring you this paschal cake, which although it is usually prepared for the past Easter holidays, is a specialty with which to look good throughout the year, it is very showy.

Also, we cannot forget about this Italian specialty, frittatas, in this case represented by a four cheese frittata, a recipe similar to our omelette, and that as it admits a large number of ingredients.


In Italy it is to say rice and quickly think of a good risotto. This specialty prepared with the variety of arboreal rice is perhaps one of the simplest and most complicated at the same time because it requires that it be taken to be perfect, just as an Italian would.


What allows many varied ingredients, we suggest this risotto with asparagus and goat cheese, or this risotto with lemon.



Maybe the most prepared Italian specialty throughout the worldWell, who has not ever tried it? Today within our recipes we have chosen these varieties, the famous margarita pizza and the calzone or wrapped pizza.


Hundreds of recipes populate Italian cuisine with pasta dishes, so it will be difficult to keep a few so as not to dwell on this compilation too much.


We propose them some of the most classic dishes, like the arch-prepared meat lasagna Bolognese or these noodles with beef ragout. If not, the orecchiette a la plugiese, a recipe from southern Italy much lighter than the previous ones.



Meats are abundant in Italian gastronomy. We we have chosen two very representative specialties of this cuisineOn the one hand, a vitello tonnato, cooked meat that is served cold accompanied by a spectacular tuna-based sauce.


And also the chicken all cacciatora, of Tuscan tradition, is ideal as family dish for any meala in which we want to fill the simple chicken meat with flavor.



There is no good menu without at the end you do not end up enjoying a good dessert. And in Italy they know a lot about that, because their sweet preparations are liked by everyone. There are so many that it is difficult to choose between them, but we believe that the best could be:


Well, with this compilation of the 27 best recipes for Italian dishes We hope that if you already liked the cuisine of our neighbors you will love it even more and, if you did not know it, you will start by enjoying it because it will surely hook you.

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