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The 24 best sandwich recipes from Directo al Paladar

22 mayo, 2021

There are many days when you want to eat informally and without complications, but without giving up a whim. And for this, nothing better than opting for a sandwich, which is prepared in the blink of an eye and are worth both to cover a hole in the stomach in the middle of the afternoon or more elaborate to offer us a complete meal.

The word, it is believed, comes from the noble title of the English aristocrat John montagu, IV Earl of Sandwich, who liked to eat sandwiches so as not to get his hands dirty while playing cards.

What seems certain is that it was not until late 18th century when this type of elaboration became popular, today common in almost the whole world.

It is worth remembering that in the Anglo-Saxon world it is known as sandwich to all kinds of bites between two breads, which also includes our sandwiches or hamburgers, but in this selection we stick to sandwiches made of sliced ​​bread or that go through the plate.

Now it is up to you to choose which of these delicious recipes you stay with. Or why choose? You can make a selection of the ones you like the most and prepare a spectacular dinner based on a varied buffet.

1. Cuban sandwich

Although the Cuban sandwich has been fighting for years on the other side of the pond, in Spain it did not become popular until 2014. Many of us have the images of the movie “Chef” engraved in our memory, with Carl Casper and his son preparing and selling this sandwich in their food truck left and right.

A scrumptious sandwich perfect for meat lovers. The Cuban sandwich is very easy to prepare and takes little time, ready in less than 15 minutes.

Cut the loaves in half, lengthwise, and spread the inside of the lid with mustard. In the other halves of the bread we are placing the ingredients: the ham, the salami, the loin, the cheese and the pickle (previously sliced). It is important to respect the order of the ingredients. We close the sandwiches with the lids and brush the surface of each one with butter. If we melt it for a few seconds in the microwave, the task will be easier. We place the sandwiches on a griddle, grill or sandwich maker, close and let the bread toast for a few minutes. If we have a griddle with adjustable heat, we put it at a low temperature so that the cheese melts slowly. Once ready, we cut the Cuban sandwiches in half and serve immediately.

2. Melo’s Bar slipper sandwich


Melo’s Bar is one of the most popular places in the Madrid neighborhood of Lavapiés. In it, for decades, the mythical slipper sandwich has been served, a brutal and bestial version of the classic mixed sandwich. Between two large slices of Galician loaf bread, slices and slices of ham cut with a knife and tetilla or Arzúa-Ulloa cheese are sheltered.

All this is grilled over a very low heat, so that the bread browns while the cheese melts. The creature is of considerable size, so it is advisable to share. Although Melo’s slipper sandwich is so delicious this can cost a bit.

3. Grilled vegetable sandwich with olive pate


This grilled vegetable sandwich with olive pate has all the ballots to become your favorite dinner as you sink your tooth for the first time. Has it all. It’s quick and easy to prepare, comforting, versatile (you can adapt the filling to your liking) and healthy.

We do without cheese (which we love, but this time we put it aside) and mayonnaise (idem) and focus on vegetables and, above all, olives to give this sandwich a lot of flavor. If you want to make this sandwich a healthier bite Still, try using rye bread or any other made with unrefined flours.

4. Chicken avocado salad sandwich

avocado chicken sandwich

This refreshing chicken and avocado salad sandwich can be prepared from scratch, although the ideal is to use it as a recipe to take advantage of the leftover grilled chicken.

Anyway, this delicious sandwich acquires much more flavor if we use red onion instead of the classic white and we accompany it with a warm and crunchy bread.

5. Figs, pine nuts and mozzarella cheese sandwich

Although the fig has a sweet taste, and we usually use it to make desserts, goes great in savory combinations, like this fig, pine nut and mozzarella sandwich.

Its preparation has no mystery, but, of course, the bite improves a lot if we use a good mozzarella and some figs at their optimum ripening.

6. Avocado and cheese sandwich with turkey bacon

weekend snack

You will think that I am an avocado fanatic, and you are right, because I cannot resist this other avocado and cheese sandwich with turkey bacon, a Sufficient, balanced and very tasty snack, perfect to carry with more joy if possible on the weekend.

If you also like to take care of yourself, this sandwich incorporates turkey bacon, an alternative to the classic one that avoids the excess fat that pork bacon provides. This is a sandwich to enjoy fresh, so make sure that your guests are already at the table, and accompany it with a green salad so that it is much lighter.

7. Arugula and smoked bacon sandwich


For those who love original pork bacon, two proposals of sandwiches that I think you are going to love. The first a sandwich with arugula and bacon, with zero complication and a hundred flavor.

Like almost always admits many variations, changing the type of vegetables such as lamb’s lettuce instead of arugula or modifying the variety of sausage, although its author strongly recommends this combination, as the mixture of flavors is very balanced.

8. Pear, gorgonzola and bacon sandwich

weekend snack

A real delight can be defined this sandwich. The fruit accompanied with cheese is already a traditional combination in countries like France or Italy, but I advise you to try this pairing because you are going to love it.

A mixture with which to surprise your guests, giving a gourmet and original point to this sandwich that will undoubtedly surprise everyone who tries it.

9. Chivito: Uruguay’s national sandwich


Chivito’s sandwich It is usually made with ciabatta bread, so it could be considered a sandwich even if we put it in this list. It is a very filling dish, perfect for lunch or dinner.

It is usually done with grilled beef steaks, ham and cheese and includes lettuce, tomato, olives or pickles and slices of hard-boiled egg.

11. Tuna sandwich


As we well know from television, the tuna sandwich is especially popular in America and it is a fixture on cafeteria menus and lunch boxes that workers take to the office.

The basic ingredients of the sandwich are tuna and mayonnaise, but it is the rest of the elements that turn a bite that might seem bland into a real wonder, which is prepared in 5 minutes and for four dogs.

12. Croque-monsieur

Croque-monsieur is a sandwich made with sliced ​​bread, cooked ham, cheese and baked au gratin béchamel sauce. Is a Improved version of the classic mixed sandwich whose origin we find in France and which, according to popular lore, first appeared on the menu of a Parisian cafe in 1910.

Easy, simple and attractiveWhen you taste it, you will realize why this French sandwich has conquered the whole world. Oh là là.

13. Egg salad sandwich

Egg Sandwich

This egg salad sandwich is a recipe from a small Los Angeles restaurant in America called Konbi That, due to social networks and especially Instagram, has become a trend that we have not resisted trying. Once made and eaten at home, I assure you that it is a delicious sandwich.

When you try the different sandwich textures and notice the different cooking point of the central egg and of those that are part of the filling, you will see why this sandwich is a spectacle of color and flavor that you will undoubtedly love.

14. Sandwich of mortadella and San Simón cheese

weekend snack

I don’t know if you have had the opportunity to try Galician cheese with San Simón PDO. A smoked nipple cheese which is sublime. If not, you are already taking time to get hold of a piece and enjoy it alone or in this mortadella and San Simón cheese sandwich and caramelized onion.

A very complete bite perfect for a meal because of its forcefulness, and that as usual in this type of sandwich that has melted cheese is convenient to prepare it at the time of tasting.

15. Marinated beef, mustard and arugula sandwich


I couldn’t stop bringing you a sandwich with beef, a filling and tasty bite, quick to assemble, fresh and made in a jiffy. If you are lazy to prepare marinated beef, you can buy it already made or substitute it with another piece of beef, such as roast beef in carpaccio.

Simply some olives and a cold beer are already ideal companions for this sandwich with its own personality and that can serve us as a complete meal this weekend if we are busy.

16. Tuna and artichoke sandwich

weekend snack

We change the third and we go to the fish in this case with a protagonist such as tuna. Combining it with artichokes we get a very fresh sandwich version, with very basic ingredients and that if we start with canned food, we don’t even need cooking of any of its ingredients.

It agrees do it just before serving so that the liquid released by the ingredients does not soften in excess the slices of bread and we can enjoy them crisp.

17. Francesinha sandwich, traditional Portuguese recipe

weekend snack

Typical of the Porto area, this sandwich is a complete bite with all the laws. Roast beef, cooked ham, sausages and even egg, are part of the ingredients of this blunt sandwich for which you have to attack it very hungry.

In this version that my partner Carmen offers you, the amount of ingredients between layers has been lightened a bit, but it is still the ideal sandwich to eat as a snack without leaving you hungry.

18. Chickpea salad sandwich

Garbanzo beans

The concept of “creamy salad” was limited in my repertoire to