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The 20 most irresistible desserts with strawberries

29 mayo, 2021

Delicious, delicious, simply irresistible! The desserts with strawberries they are our favorite option when we want to pamper ourselves. And today we bring you 20 options that you will want to prepare immediately. Don’t resist any more and get to know them!

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How to Pick and Store Strawberries

  • Choose strawberries that are firm, fleshy, without marks or mold.
  • Look for the ones that are deep and bright red with their crowns of very green leaves.
  • Strawberries do not continue to ripen, so avoid those that are dull or have green or yellow parts.
  • Check that they are firm and not soft, so you can keep them for longer.
  • Wash and treat them with care. Serve them at room temperature.
  • Try to choose locally grown strawberries.
  • They are highly perishable, so it is best to eat them in a couple of days.
  • If you like gardening, you can grow your own strawberries at home. This way you guarantee that they are 100% organic.
  • If you are not going to consume them at the moment, chop them and freeze them to eat them in smoothies.
  • Careful! strawberries are a common allergen. Before consuming them, it is important to disinfect them with an appropriate product.

Learn to keep your strawberries longer. Keep reading!

How to disinfect strawberries

Before eating strawberries, make sure they are well washed and disinfected. However, it is common that when doing this task they mistreat themselves and many end up in the garbage can.

To prevent this from happening again, put the strawberries in a large colander and shake it several times under running water to remove the dirt; then put them in a container, cover them with enough water and add a drop of commercial bactericide; after 5 minutes, drain them and they are ready.

Another way is to do it in the microwave: sprinkle 1 tablespoon of salt over the container containing the fruits and program 1 minute on high power, for each kilogram.


Now we invite you to prepare these desserts with strawberries. You will be surprised how easy they are, but, more than anything, their delicious taste.

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  • Strawberries and cream

    Strawberries and cream

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  • Delicious strawberry cake in a jar to take to your picnic

    strawberry cake in a jar

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  • Strawberries without oven: fruits dipped in matcha and white chocolate

    desserts with strawberries without oven

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  • Desserts with natural strawberries: strawberries covered with yogurt

    Because we are also fans of desserts with natural strawberries, we share these strawberries covered with yogurt, very rich and easy to prepare.

  • Easy Strawberry Desserts: Strawberry Pepper

    easy strawberry desserts

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  • Desserts with frozen strawberries: strawberry jelly with cream

    desserts with frozen strawberries

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  • Two-color dessert: strawberry mousse with vanilla

    Strawberry mousse

    It’s time to indulge yourself with a super original and delicious dessert: we invite you to prepare this strawberry vanilla mousse.

  • Strawberries: dessert with swirl

    strawberry dessert with swirl

    For demanding palates we bring you these strawberry dessert with swirl easier to prepare than you can imagine.

  • Strawberry ice cream with whipped cream

    strawberry ice cream with whipped cream

    Do not forget to save a good space for dessert, we are sure that this quick option will be one of your favorites.

  • Sweet ricotta cheese bagel with strawberries and honey

    sweet strawberry riccotta bagel

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  • Meringue recipe with strawberries and ice cream

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  • Exquisite strawberry carlota

    Exquisite strawberry carlota

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